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Monday, March 4, 2013

Tu Tu's Tongues and Teeth

 You thought I was kidding...... Here's the tutu's.....the tongues and teeth are coming.  Feel free to exit now:)

Ok, here is Wren's tongue......

....compared to Iley's....

 ......and  Wren's lip......

....and Iley's lip.

 We have one of the shark teeth missing!!!  Yay!  Now for the other one.  The one she finally wiggled loose had a monster root on it!  Probably why it wouldn't let loose. But the other one is starting to move forward into place now that it's gone. 

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  1. We had Dezirae's clipped. Wren's looks the same or better than Dez's after clipping. I wouldn't worry about it! Wish we wouldn't have had her tongue clipped.