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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Slim Pickins

Things have been a little un blog worthy mood.......all the kids home with nothing to do......Troy gone......did I mention that I was grouchy......the kids are get the picture.  It's cold and WINDY  outside so no one wants to go out, but neither can they seem to find anything to they follow me around.  It's making me a bit nutty.  I LOVE my children truly I do.......but I also like it when they GO PLAY!  Here are a few pictures of our know few is only relative to this blogs potential amount right?  Go ahead and get your coffee:)

They both LOVED the bubble bath the first time........but Iley didn't tell me until she got in the second time that it had made her lil bottom all sore.  So the one picture of her in the bubbles, she is an unhappy camper, and she is standing.  No way was she going to sit in them.....but ohhh she wanted to.

 She did this and said "like mommy put on" 

  This is the next day....right after the last post where Iley is begging to go for a walk again..... was SO COLD and WINDY.....they didn't seem to mind for a while......Mom was freezing right away!


 Looking up the silo.
 Being silly, acting like they were in jail.  Don't think the girls know what jail is......but they were willing to play along.

Harrison told her to act sad.

Guess who did this......she didn't use string this time.  The girl is so smart....she has a mechanical mind, and actually has a lot of common sense.

I wish they didn't have to wear glasses so we could see their little Asian eyes better:)

 Wren really doesn't have chub around her hips......that is her processors for her implants.  They are in little pockets on the side of her undershirt.
 She was fascinated with Sherm's remote control semi!  Had to pose with the controller. 

 Big brother Harrison snuck in behind them .......through the white door.

I had said "Iley looks sad" she made the sad face for me........

Then she signed "mad"........and I got this face.........(did you notice she lost her other bottom tooth.  She's working on one of the top ones now.)

Then she signed "happy" and I got this cheesy grin.

Then I modeled frustrated.......and got this.

Happy too:)

Wren checking her shopping list like a responsible house wife.....Iley....just being silly.

 Here attention.....look.
 See.....right here.....

 I have never found a grocery list this interesting.

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  1. I love your pictures! The girls are just precious!