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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, March 11, 2013


Warning lots of pictures of the same subject. They were just cute today:)

Looking at a book over breakfast.

 I think we will all agree that Iley has grown!!  I think she's finally getting some legs:)  and meat on her.  This skirt was right at the top of her knee when I bought it!  Don't worry, she didn't leave the house in it.

 I love this one:)  Classic Wren and Iley expressions.

Poor Wren....she's doing her best to get that little tied tongue out!

 Marching off to conquer the world.  It was a lovely warmish day.....Wren crossed her arms, and Iley quickly followed suit.  Forgive the poorer quality of these pictures!  I didn't want them to know I was taking their picture, so they were all taken through the windows.....I followed them almost all the way around the house.  This whole series of pictures probably took place in a 5 minute time frame.  Wren is always leading.....and never stays in one place long.
 Boo!.....giggle giggle.....

 Come on sister!

Chasing each other around the tree.

 Grabbing handfuls of dirt........
 Which they then carried over and stirred into the leftover snow.

 Poked a stick into the next dirt spot a few times, and then moved on to the swing set.

 Iley swung the swings a few times....Wren found more dirt to dig in.

 These were a little bit later...Sherman finished his book and went out to play with them.  He's lifting them up so they can actually get the ball in the vicinity of the basket.  They are somewhat vertically challenged.

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  1. You are right they were cute. Loved the pictures. They are always cute though too. :) So fun to watch them do all their little fun things together without them even knowing you are watching. So glad they play so well together. The weather is going to be lovely this week so will be outside more probably. :) YEA for mom. Just love their little skirts and leggings. You always dress them so darling.