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Sunday, March 24, 2013

School Tomorrow!!:)

Sunday again already!  .........and then again as long as last week seemed......maybe I should say....FINALLY it's Sunday........the kids go back to school tomorrow!!  Does that make me a really bad mom?  I guess I'm just ready for a small chance to just be still.  Mind body and soul.  Quiet.  Alone. Finish a thought without interruption. Use the bathroom without 5 items being slid under the door for me to return to the sender.  3 blessed hours with no one needing mama.....mama......mama.......mama.  Or Mom can we........Mom why can't we........Ahhhhh.......Hats off to all homeschoolers!!  You guys are cut from a different cloth than me.  Maybe God will piece me into that kind of a cloth.....but it will be an obvious patch I'm afraid.......not a seamless work of art.  So on with the Sunday pics.

These two walked in  in the middle of the photo shoot so they got their picture taken too.

The girls usually wear leggings with these skirts, and Iley moaned all day about it touching her legs.

Still holding it up off her legs......a less stubborn mom would have just went and got leggings....but I think she needs to learn to deal with a few things....the skirt was NOT scratchy.

I had to make her put it down for this picture.

I can do that too.

This may be the best use of duct tape yet! Ha Ha

Just cause you're wearing a tu tu doesn't mean you automatically  act like a lady.

A long suffering sis.....




Love those little brown legs sticking out from under the ruffles:)

Guess who had the camera here.

 I wuv my brother Harrison.

So much hinderance help:)

 I put this on for Ella...she insisted that my mom and dad would want to see me too...I'm not so sure.

Playing Euchre

Can you pick out these profiles?

Iley came down from upstairs and said "Look mommy I fix it."  Yep...  No more scratching on her legs! Oh my word.  These are sock puppets!

 .....right over top the ruffle socks.

......and she wore them the rest of the evening.


My carnivore........

.......and the sugar/carb junkie.
 Given a choice.....this is what they will each pick every time.

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