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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, March 11, 2013

Rocking....back in time

Friday is our stay in our jammies till it's almost time for  This picture shows you the hazards I brave while cooking with these two under foot.

They both thought it was so funny that they didn't have an arm.

Iley thought she needed an eye patch like sis, so she tore a little square off of a napkin and stuck it behind her glasses. 

Trying on Sherman's helmet.

She looks like a bobble head doll.  Your helmet might be too big if you can  see a smile through the eye goggles??

Another bobble head.

Saturday Sherman decided we had a list front and back and we had nothing to eat......AND biggest reason... to make the 50 mile trek to Hays.....we were out of Toilet paper!  I assured him we can buy toilet paper and food right here in town.  But mostly I think he just wanted to roam around Wal-mart checking out all the possibilities available to buy.  I was ready to get out of the house too so off we went.   Harrison stayed home and had his very own little Star Wars Movie Marathon.  Sherman doesn't like Star Wars, and Harrison loves it, so it worked out fine.

We got hungry shopping so went to the deli and bought Spicy wings and potato wedges (that he ended up sharing with the beggars) for Sherm, a beef and cheese burrito for Wren, and fried rice for Iley.  Then we went in to Subway and I ordered a Sub.

While we were in Wal-mart we tried on glasses for the girls.  I would like to have a back up pair for Iley, and Wren's probably going to need a different prescription when we are done patching.  So we just tried on some for fun.  This is Iley's glasses she has now......Of the following, which ones do you like best??  Leave me a comment and vote.

These are squarish.....we would need a little smaller size.  Notice how her attitude deteriorates as we progress!LOL.

ok this is no fun anymore......
are we done yet??  Well some of us are done for sure!

One of our purchases was a chair that rocks.
While reading another moms blog about how rocking her adopted older kids seemed to help so much with soothing their fears, and bonding, I decided we needed a rocking chair.  I have read in all of our training info that sometimes these kids that never got to be rocked and loved as babies, need to go back and experience that part of their life, then they are more able to move past it.  All I know, is that as soon as I sat in that chair in the middle of the second hand store and picked up Wren and started rocking her.....a kind of peace just settled over her, and Iley was dancing around wanting her turn and hardly able to wait.  I'm really glad the chair was cheap, cause it was definitely going home with me at that point.

I know it's just beautiful huh......they have another one just like it if anyone is coveting it..........$50.00 at the second hand store...just lettin ya know.   But it's really comfy, and it rocks well and that's the main point for now. 
Here it is....installed in an already crowded room.
Wren crawled right up in it and made herself at home.

 So now the plan is that each of them get rocked for 10 minutes each night. They bring their blanket of choice and doll or stuffed animal, and we wrap them up and sing. If you heard my singing you would feel sorry for Iley at this point...but she either has a terrible ear for music, or love is tone deaf. But she asks me to sing....sooo?   When Troy is here, he rocks them each for 5 minutes, while I snuggle with the other one, and then I rock them each while he snuggles.  So far they are LOVIN it!  We'll see if they get tired of it.......or if we think they are ready to move on.

This was Sunday.  This banana is a hot item around our house.  Why? I have NO idea.  This day it was carried around skewered on the end of this stick all day.  It's served daily on some plate, pan or bowl, it's been tied to a string and hung from the play house.......

The big kids had a little moment of reverting to their  childhoods too....maybe I didn't rock them long enough?

Here Grandpa, we are smiling for you!

I guess they forgot how fun coloring was?  The girls thought it was great.

We had Ellas Mom and Dad for lunch today.  They had brought a load of furniture, and wedding gifts back from Ohio.  It was so nice to see them and get caught up.  Thatch and Kyn were here too, and Isaac.  It was a simple meal since I had decided the night before to do this.  Cheeseburger soup, Rhodes dinner rolls, and Strawberry spinach salad.  Ella brought brownies, and I had ice cream. What we call a simple meal with plenty of left overs....others would deem a feast.  We are blessed to have so much good food, family and friends. 


  1. YAY for the rocking chair! Sarena loves the rocking chair although I think she may have already rocked herself past that stage. She doesn't sit in it as much as she used to! The kids at the orphanage loved me to rock them too. I often think that foster/adopting makes us better parents...maybe frazled exhausted, crazy but definitely BETTER!!!

  2. Ok, so I am liking #3 glasses or #6, I like some of the others, too but think they look too old for her. Love the rocking chair story, makes me want to go back and rock my babies again. Enjoy rocking and I know the girls will.

  3. I like #1 and yes in a smaller size....have been wanting to email you for weeks....soon soon I hope!!!!:)
    your house looks like lots of fun!!!:)
    BLESSINGS from IN!!!

  4. My vote is for 1 or 3; I think #3 makes her look really smart (kind of like a little chemist or something)!! Guess it depends on what "look" you're looking for:)Haven't talked to you for ages but looks like you're busy and doing well. Hugs to all of you,