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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, March 2, 2013

P.J. Day and The White Door Rebellion

 Thursday was Comfy Cozy Day.  

Wren looks so big and grown up in these pictures! :(    The one on the left was taken in May of last year. Look where the table hits her now.  SLOW DOWN!

 They can both cross their eyes, and get such a great response from their brothers when they do it!  Mom is NOT a fan!

 This is literally as far as Wren can stick her tongue out!  I just noticed that her lip right between her front teeth is tied too!  I don't know that it would make any difference.... Has anyone ever had a child that had tied tongue and lip?   What did they do?  Just clip both?  I'll see if I can get a picture of both tomorrow.

 Sherm and Iley dancing...  They have a daily conversation:
Sherman:  Do you like me today?
Iley: (depending on her mood) says either NO! or uh huh yep I lika Sherman.
She has a thing against Sherman most days.  He has to work so hard to get her to like him.  I think it's just because he WANTS her to like him so bad, so she just wields her power!

 Iley came down from playing upstairs all dressed up.  I told her to stand in front of the white door just like normal................and she REBELLED.....gasp.....maybe it's those sassy looking pig tails giving them ideas??
and Wren flat refused....rotten much?

  Oh you want a picture of us about like this?
 Or this?  We're in front of the door, what's the problem?

I gave it up!


  1. Wren has grown and I like her hair longer too! What fun your home must be. There is always something going on! What sweet blessings! Sherman will probably be Iley's favorite as she gets older!

  2. Oh, the frenulum clipping on the tongue is a short procedure, much like ear tubes and it does help with speech.

  3. Judy, This is a link I sent to a friend whose baby had a tongue tie. She had it lasered, said it was a very simple procedure. It can cause issues with speech and even sleep apnea later. Blessings on your very busy family! :)