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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, March 18, 2013

Loaves and Fishes

Sunday for lunch we had a small crowd.  It's so fun to have all these big kids and to see them enjoying each other.  It was a little like the loaves and fishes dinner though........I had fixed lunch  more or less for our family of 6.......and then had to stretch it for 13!  I prayed for inspiration.....and added beans and crm of chkn. soup to my burrito mixture....made fresh salsa.......and rice krispie treats......and had some left over:)  God is Good:)

Wren has another loose tooth on the bottom that she's been worrying and wiggling for 2 days now.  Every time it gets a little looser, she has to run to the mirror and check it out, and show us......we are all ready for it to just go ahead and fall out!

 Thatcher and Kyndahl

Ash and Ella

Micah and Carrie

 Harrison finally says "MOM STOP taking pictures and let them eat!"  I said....they're eating just fine what do you mean?  He says "yeah, but you're making them uncomfortable."  I didn't think they looked too uncomfortable did you?  Sorry, I need blog material......and you are all cute subjects......and that's the price for your dinner:)

 Wren loved watching the popcorn pop!  Every time one would pop she would squeal...then they all started going and she was like AHHHHHH and backed up:)

Okay....these next ones are hot off the press so to speak.  This morning at breakfast Iley wanted her hair tucked behind her ears cause it kept getting in her cereal.  It kept falling out though so I got these head bands for them.  They look okay from the front, but if you saw the back of their hair in the morning...oh my!  It looks like it's got a life of it's own.

 Loving their bubble bath....which is where they still are.....getting prune like while mom blogs.....I've heard several tsunami like sounds.....but I'm frantically typing away......and since I don't see any water coming out from under the door yet........I will deal with it later.

This was their own idea...they think it is so funny and are trying not to laugh and get the bubbles in their mouth.  They look like cute little old China men don't they!

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  1. wow. that's some bed-head. it beats what i've seen from brenton wise and that's saying quite a lot. haha. :)