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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, March 15, 2013

kid stuff

Iley comes up to me with a handful of Kleenex's and wants me to help her blow.  I dutifully hold each side of her nose while she puffs a little moisture out.  I ask her "better?" "ok now?"  she shakes her head and is still snuffing like something is in there.  I ask her if there's something in her nose?  "uh huh"  what's in there?
 "a nackin....upstairs"  I asked her "did you put it in there?"......"uh huh"   Oh boy. I'm envisioning her wrapped like a mummy....screaming....... in the emergency room as a doctor pries it out with forceps..... So I said ok, BLOW REALLY HARD!!  I held the other nostril shut and she huffed and she puffed and she blew out a very slimy ball of ......napkin....just like she said.  WHY do they do it?? WHY?

Wren has an obsession of tying....she ties everything to any thing!  No joke! I find this rope tied  door knob to door knob....cabinet pull to chair, chair to chair.....our house is booby trapped!!  Robbers beware!!  Here are just a few of the ones I snapped in the past week.
 ... nice chunk of multi-colored playdoh stuck on the floor! 

 This was from a few weeks ago......there are daily occurrences!!  I just don't always remember to snap them.
 I think if you asked her "why?".....she would answer..."because it was there."
The girl's got skill.....maybe she'll be a surgeon some day. 

I went upstairs to find them.....and found this giant mess.  They had emptied the entire contents of 3 toy bins...all over their room.  Wren had raided the closet for hangers to hang up all her dress up dresses.  Two days ago it was the entire top shelf of the book case unloaded onto the floor (no small feat!)....with books in heaps and they were walking on them.  In so many ways they are more like 3 yr olds than 6yrs.  Or do any of your 6 yr. olds still do this??
 I thought they had picked up the toys down stairs.....till I looked in the play house!

 This little girl is the same age as my girls but I think she thought she was much older.  She was definitely the ring leader:)  But the girls didn't seem to mind.  She came with my friend Carol who's daughter was babysitting her.  They had so much fun, and were so sad when she had to leave.
 This was hilarious!  She's not that much bigger than Iley!  We watched her get down on her hands and knees, and then try to stand up!  She almost went over with Iley on top of her.....but then the next time she held onto the stroller handles and made it up.  I grabbed my camera and ran out to snap the picture, and save them both!  She said her neck was really starting to hurt, and I don't think Iley felt very safe.  Crazy girls:)

 Iley was all propped up talking to Aunt Gwen on the phone.....feet crossed and chatting away....I don't think Aunt understood much of it, but she felt important.
 She has the cutest little legs and feet!!

 Wren has the prettiest hands....they are very dainty looking.....but boy are they capable of huge messes!!

 They were out here today eating their snack.....not sure what they were doing but they were gesturing to beat the band and Iley was chatting away to her.  They are LOVING this warm weather!  And so is mom!
..... except for the fact that......we had 3 pants wettings today!!?? Not all by the same person...... Good grief....just stop and get the job done instead of dancing around until it's waaaay too late.


  1. Speaking of walking across books (anything) on the floor... my 8 yr old still does! grrr. regardless of many instructions not to.

    Looks like the girls are definitely gaining confidence... YAY!!

  2. HeHe!! My 7 and 5 year olds tie everything to everything, including themselves and each other!! They still dump things out and Ms 5 yr old packs stuff aroung just like Wren...bags stuffed full, strollers piled, until I think her back will break!! ~ Denee

  3. Oh, you are cracking me up, AGAIN! Maxim does the same tying up stuff. Any free string is fair game to be tied to something, anything, everything. He especially likes to tie doors shut and then laughs when I have to work to get them open.