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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wren's 6th Birthday

On her 5th Birthday we were anxiously waiting to see a glimpse of her.....checking the emails hourly to see if her "cake" pictures had come yet.  We were advised not to send presents because she wouldn't be able to keep them with her because of jealousy issues with the ones left out.

BUT...........On her 6th Birthday we had the JOY of celebrating with her.  They were both SO excited to open presents.  Iley knew they were Wren's and seemed to understand that she will get presents on her Birthday......but this didn't keep her from trying to help open most of them. (She had her silk pants on too....but had a slight toilet malfunction right before everyone got there...I thought only boys had trouble with the crack between the seat and the rim??  Some how the back of her pants ended up wet:( 

 Pardon the looked so much better in my head......and on Pintrest!  And it went kinda flat......and my cake stand broke............oh well......Wren loved it cause it had her name on it:) 

Plenty of "tude" here!

 Singing Happy Birthday    

 When we got done singing Iley and Sherman started crowding in....Wren promptly let them know that "I got this....back off"

The guest list.....Dad, Mom, Harrison, Sherman, Iley, Thatcher, Kyndahl, Rick, Carol, Josh, Hannah, Caleb, & Isaac.  Grmpa and Grma D. and Uncle Lanes...but they all had previous plans:(  We missed them.  But since I'm pretty sure Wren was coming down with's probably a good thing the kids weren't here.

 Here is the joint effort to unwrap the first present.  Wren wasn't feeling very well:(  She said her stomach hurt.  We thought maybe it was just nerves......but this morning she was still not herself, and by afternoon she's running a slight fever:(  Please pray she is over it soon, and that none of the rest of us get it!!!  We are supposed to leave for Ash & Ella's wedding on Thursday.

WHAT???  Victoria's Secret??  Don't ya think she's a little young for that!
   She unwraps this Victoria's Secret box and we all just crack up!  I'm sure my mother did not buy anything from has to be  YEARS old....but the Scotch in her won't allow her to throw anything this about has to be from My sister or Me ...many years ago.........MANY years ago.....unless it was a pair of flannel pajamas.

Big brother Thatcher doing a little physics lesson with the balloon.

I'm not real sure what the inspiration was for the next picture......Sherman has fluffed his hair with my round brush and hairdryer..... and thought it look hilarious.  Someone said ...."you need a leather jacket"......and he says "I've got one!"  and comes back and poses.  This was a crazy and random evening! 

Cool and Sherman just don't work for long though!  Love this crazy nut!

Isaac....the one that was in on the "beard growing" with Thatcher, came too.

Why a pinata??  You completely confuse them culturally:) Ha Ha.  They are wearing Traditional Chinese silks (they picked them to wear!).....singing Happy Birthday to you.......and busting a Pinata....diversity.....isn't that what America is all about??

We were a little worried what she was going to think about smashing her cupcake pinata.  When she hugged it we thought "oh no"

But we shouldn't have worried about the tomboy!

Wren....the one who loves to help, and wants jobs, helped pick up all the candy.  Iley....look at her feet.....minced around on her heels with her toes curled.... not stepping on the candy.....but NOT picking up except to find the jelly beans she wanted to eat.

They loved all their presents!  I wish Wren had felt better:(  and that her cousins, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles ...could have been here  but I still think she had a fun time.

Iley thought it was SO hilarious to try on Dad's jeans!  She was supposed to be putting HER clothes on....but we found her like this!  On a side note....doesn't her scar look great!

She kept falling down.

Ok....moving on to Sunday......They love the new MESSY straws.

I stepped out of the kitchen to get something out of the pantry and looked back and had to laugh.....and get the camera!  This was my lunch help!  Think there were enough of us to get the job done?  I think I need a bigger kitchen.  Troy was out grilling the hamburgers, Ike was stirring the macaroni, Thatcher was making no bake cookies for dessert, Kyndahl put the clean dishes away out of the dishwasher, Sherman was in charge of the VERY sweet tea, Harrison and the girls were just seeing what could be snitched.

 This is our son who is on the scholars bowl team in one of his brightest moments!  SO boy!  makes me laugh.


  1. When I see your photos it makes me want to be your neighbor! On Iley, I thought what scar? She's a walking miracle! God is so good. I love Wren's photo with her arms extended....she got this photo! Happy Belated Birthday to Wren!

  2. So glad to see Ping isn't the only one with 'tude! LOL

    Love the photos, really looked like such a special time, and gald to see that you are a 'Pepsi' family too LOL

  3. LOVED being able to celebrate such a special birthday with you all. So sorry she is sick. I hope she is better by thurs and no one else gets it the rest of the week. So fun to look at all your picture. i love their little chinese outfits too.
    Hope to see you this weekend. Love ya.

  4. Happy Birthday Wren!! Our girls are growing so fast! But still little rascals, that is for sure! It looks like she had an awesome Birthday. You are the best picture taker, Judy. I love all the moments you capture!

  5. Happy Birthday, Wren! Looks like you had a lovely party. You have changed so much from your 5 yr old pics, you look so loved and cared for now and that makes me so happy. Loved the videos, what fun. As always love the pics and updates.