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Monday, February 18, 2013

Princess' and Body Guard

This may not make you laugh........but I cracked up!  I think I will start calling Sherman Joseph:)  If you haven't watched "Princess Diaries"  It's a fun movie.
   Anyway.....he dressed them up.......then dressed himself up and was their body guard.  I think maybe I need to let him have his friends over more often!!  He's resorted to playing dress up with his sisters for entertainment.

and......UGH....yes.......we are back to eye patching for another 2 months:(

A quick update on the girl's progress.  We stopped in Kansas City on the way to Ohio for an eye doc. exam, and again on the way home for a cardiologist check up.  The first since her surgery in December!  I was really anxious to see him and see how she was really doing.  She has seemed perfect since surgery, but it's nice to have it really checked and confirmed.  The Ophthalmologist said Iley was doing fine, but Wren needs to patch her good eye for another 2 months.  If we do it everyday, and at the end of that time her eye hasn't improved.  We will call it quits and just get glasses to compensate.  But if it works, she might not need them as strong at least.  The Cardiologist said Iley's scar looked REALLY nice, and that her surgery looked great too.  Everything was doing just what it was supposed to do.  He took her off the meds that made her potty all the time!!!!  YAY!!!!!!  The nurse also noted that since July.....that's 7 months ago.....she has grown 2 inches and gained 6lbs!!!  Wow!  I'd say she's doing amazing:)

On school....they are continuing to learn more and more.  The teachers are hopeful that they will be able to start kindergarten next fall:)  We are talking to them about possibly doing a summer program with them to keep them up to speed.  This will mostly depend on where WE are at by then.  KS or CO.  

Iley talks all the time at home  she is so funny.  She was riding in the car on the way home and we had the lights on so they could see what they were playing with.  she says "turn the dark on mommy"  Then a few minutes later..."ok turn the dark OFF now"  Just a little different way to look at it:)  Or "mommy you a prelly lady"  so is blind.... 

We are constantly amazed at how much Wren picks up from the visual clues around her.  She has an exceptional ability to know what the next step is, or to try to anticipate what you are going to want, or do next.  While this is a wonderful trait......she sometimes makes us a bit nutty.  She tends to get in the  way more than actually helping.  Yesterday she got out the broom and dustpan and swept under her and Iley's chairs after definitely needed it!!  I wish she would focus her VISION on my SIGNING!!!  She still has to be made to focus on what we are trying to say.  She "hears/sees" the first word....and is already looking somewhere else.  It's truly maddening!  BUT she is hearing more and more!  She turned around when she was playing in the sand box and heard a car pull in behind her, she consistently turns at her name called by anyone.  At first it was just if I would say it a certain way.  She hears the water run, the toilet flush, Her and Iley were playing on the stairs facing the top and I said "Hey girls....." and she whipped around:)  She's always telling Iley "no no"  "shhhhh"  Iley IS a little loud sometimes:)  She actually makes the shhhh sound when she puts her finger on her mouth too!!!  I'm starting to insist that she say ma ma ma ma when she wants me specifically. instead of just bellaring.........ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.  I call it being "honked" at.  She CAN make many different sounds IF......big IF......SHE wants to.  She is somewhat lazy or maybe it's a feeling of inadequacy when it comes to trying to make sound.  She doesn't like to "fail" at something (who does).   We have mighty battles with her when we try to force her out of her comfort zone.  But once she gets it ....the battle is usually over...but boy is it intense while it lasts.  

They really play well together most of the time.  But lately Iley has started her own form of power control.  It's really hilarious.....but not very nice.  If Wren has something Iley wants....and she usually does because she's very quick visually and see's and finds things...and she's just up moving and always busy....and has lots of ideas of what to do with something.......then if it's Iley's, Iley will decide SHE wants it.........Iley will fuss for it......then if Wren doesn't give it to her, she will follow her around about 6 inches away from her and just silently pout and STARE and her.......just stare...(she knows she'll be in big trouble if she pinches soooo the silent stare).........if Wren moves away or turns around, Iley will move around to the other side and continue to just look at her......6 inches away...totally in her space bubble....and SO SO annoying!  But FUNNY!   When I got her in trouble for doing it....I showed her what it was like, and followed her around doing the same thing.  She didn't like it one little bit.  I'm not sure she got the whole picture, cause she's done it again since then......sigh......   They also have this thing if they don't want to "hear/see" the other one, they hold their hand up side ways in front of their eyes but out a little bit so they can't see the other one.  Yesterday they were BOTH doing it at the same time.  By the time we got the camera they had quit.  

Ok that wasn't so quick was it:(  That's all I can think of at the moment.)  

If you are still with me, and you like to read.....go to this link and read what this woman wrote about ending her relationship with self.   SO SO GOOD!!  Love it!  I read it twice.


  1. Oh my word... I laughed out loud multiple times throughout this post! That description of Iley following Wren around is just awesome... lol.

    1. It really is hilarious....except for poor Wren! Iley is a stinker! .. although a cute charming one.