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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pineapple Purse and Kangaroos

Aunt Darcy gave us a couple of bags of clothes.....which the girls happily divided, and didn't pay much attention to.....UNTIL......the Pineapple Purse came out.....then OH MY WORD......we had some intense fellowship.....a tug of war....and some seriously dirty looks!  The timer is our friend.....10 minutes of possession then we traded......this made for a long morning for mom.  

It must have been Iley's turn here.  They were being crazy and dancing.....I think their new shirts made them happy!

Wren doing the "sprinkler dance"

Smug much??  Wren had just left for signing class..she had the purse to herself!

Pack mule.......

 She actually looks like she has a belly here!

 We got a couple of pictures from Ash and Ella:)  They just got home tonight from their honeymoon.  They had a wonderful time in Santa Fe, NM.  They said it was a great place to go off season, but would be really busy in the summer.  They also said it would be a great place for jewelry and art collectors...which they are not, and didn't buy anything.

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  1. Love the photos and so happy for the newlyweds! I also like your new red couch photo!