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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Crazy Hair, Cupcakes...and ....Cat Pee

Lovely name for a blog post eh......  I told you I struggled sometimes.

The Crazy Hair was Sherman and Ash.  Sherman gets a kick out of seeing how "fluffed" he can get his hair....but he had some stiff competition when his big brother Ash showed up.

 If you are ever feeling like your popularity ratings are low....stop on by!  It's all your necks lifes worth to escape from the lap ornaments, and smart phone thieves.  They will make you feel VERY loved!

Our two media junkies.....we have to watch these two!  All of a sudden it will get quiet......and I go looking for them......they've been sucked in and captured......again.

Then there are always days of .......THE DREADED (by mom) play dough is SO messy:( Ugh.....and they always BOTH want the SAME tool.  We have a handy dandy pizza maker.....and a  lovely Ice Cream Sundae maker.....but they ALWAYS want the same one......ALWAYS.

They both played for quite a while....but then Wren got bored...and was on to the next thing....she found a deck of cards and was dealing them out and spreading them in lines on the table.  At the other end of the table was Iley still huddled over her little stack of multi colored playdoh....soon to be an ugly shade of brown.....

Wren is getting pretty good at doing the 24 piece puzzles without any help.  She is much more visual than Iley.  ......and Iley gives up and asks for help WAY to quickly!   

She'd rather watch Wren......

.......and hang on to one or two pieces till the puzzle is almost finished....

 .....then triumphantly plunk them into their spots.  If I were Wren I'd smack her!  But she's actually usually pretty patient with her....unless she's staring at her......and that's enough to unnerve anyone!

Today the girls and I went over to Thatcher and Kyndahls new house.  They are moving out of their tiny apartment to a little bigger house.  It has MUCH more light 2 bedrooms and a bigger kitchen.  We scrubbed walls, and ceilings and cabinets.....and wiped up LOTS of cat hair....there was even cat hair in the freezer of the fridge!   But the worst was when we pulled up all the carpet in the living room (to find this lovely hard wood)....but OH MY WORD....poor Carrie....she was the closest to the corner by the front door must have been the regular spot to relieve it/them...selves.....I thought we were going to gag....the smell was so the cat house at the zoo!  So this nasty dirty floor......that we are all sitting on to eat.....lovely going to get a massive scrubbing soon.

Then after we'd spent most of the day scrubbing scrubbing it....We almost burnt the place down....Thatch brought pizza for everyone.....and they stuck it in the oven on low to keep must have been too hot....or too close to the heat coils.....cause the boxes caught on fire.  All of a sudden Harrison is like.....uh...the oven is on fire.  No mom Really!  ......yep really.....all three boxes were in flames!  We saved the pizza......a tad smokey flavored.....but had to clean the oven again.

 My dirty little ragamuffins!

See Iley's finger!.....she's getting a cupcake crumb that dropped....this girl will brave even Cat.....P...for sugar!

Oops.....another one!  Not to worry...they survived the bathwater in China....their immune systems are like iron:)

I had to help her get the last crumbs off her plate.
 Cupcake staches.
Carrie and Micah....Carrie was there helping all day.

   These three.....are just odd.   The tall guy is a brother-in-law to the guy squished in the middle.....and they are all great friends.........but seriously....this is just weird boys.

So that about wraps up our last couple of days......minus the mud and snow and gunk tracked in my mudroom....and the hats and gloves and boots and coats and snow pants.... and trips to the bathroom.  I will spare you those details.......I'm tired of them....that's all I'll say.


  1. Love that family and friends could be there to help the newly married couple! Your pictures are great!

  2. Ok, so... cat hair in the freezer? I'd be lying to say I've never found cat hair while cleaning out our fridge. Gross, I agree. Though the difference must be that I actually clean it. haha. Cat pee outside the litter box, on the other hand, would be a serious deal breaker. Threats of finding a new home for Lloyd would quickly be replaced with action. :)

    Great floors though! And I love those arched doorways! Also, I can't help but ask... where is this house?

  3. Ha ha......these nosy ex locals!.....It is on Grant street, one house south of Doug and Carmen S. 3 houses south of Brian and Betsy W. Green on the outside.

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