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Monday, February 18, 2013

Ash and Ella Wedding

Well here are the pictures I have.....they are not many or wonderful.  You'll have to wait till the photographers pics get in.  But here's what I have.

We started off on a bad note....3hrs at the doctors office....with not ONE toy i might add....waiting to see the doc.  The day before we are leaving.  I needed to be home packing! Wren had been running a fever since Saturday (this was Wed.) So we really needed to find out what was going on.   They entertained themselves by drawing on the paper on the exam table:)  when it got filled up...we just moved them and scrolled down some more.  When we were done there...FINALLY.......... I spent the rest of the day picking up a Uhaul trailer, Troy's suit at the cleaners,  and going to 2 different pharmacies to get medicine.

When we got to Ohio, Harrison was running fever.  We ended up at the wedding with 3 of them drugged on Tylenol for fever.  Sherman got it on the way home:(  Ugh!

BUT.....the wedding.......It was an absolutely charming setting!  I could have moved right in if it would have had insulation and heat.....and maybe a little more light.  But seriously....CHARMING! (it was heated for the wedding!)

Ok so these were the table clothes custom made by Denise....the mother of the bride.  TOO COOL! 

 These were the darling little favors at each place setting.  There was a fun game to fill out, a picture of the couple, a card for good advice, and a couple of other fun things.  The kids all had a bag of candy and crayons and tablet.

The barn was not very warm the day they were setting up.  Ella was warming herself by the only heat duct.
 She was freezing.....Ash on the other hand has always been hot blooded, and was about to shed his sweatshirt.  I'm sure El would have put it on if he had:)

 I was laughing at the No Smoking extenguisher......and a  candle.  Ash and El were standing there so he licks his finger and touches her and says......ssssss  she's sssssmokin:) 

The girls all dressed and headed to the wedding:)  So cute.....they had to hold hands for the picture:)

This was the backdrop.

They had each of their siblings stand up with couples.  On Ellas side it was her brother Denver and his wife Chelsie, and on Ash's side it was Thatcher and Kyndahl.  Cute.

Father and Son/Groom:)......and little sis.

Best man and little sis.

Harrison, my Nephew Henry and their friend Winston.  This was down on the lower level of the barn.

Here are some shots of the crowd.  They're a little dark.  It was only lit by candles, and my flash isn't great.

This is both grandparents of the Groom.  My parents on the left, and Troy's on the right.
Wren.....still not feeling great....fell asleep during the ceremony.

The music was beautiful....a violin player.

Two of my neices....they belong to Troy's brother Tim.

There wasn't a dance....Thatch and Iley are just goofing around.
Harrison looks about like he feels here....can I just lay down please.

Wren woke up feeling much better and had fun running and playing with all the  kids.
Then the happy couple headed off to Santa Fe NM for a week at a little hacienda.  From the little we have heard from them, they are having a marvelous time.  I can't wait to see the pictures from the photographer!

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