Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

School Days

All they need is a pair of roller skates.

Watch out for the mad scissor-er!
 Ok ladies....Hair advice time again!  What to do with this crazy thick hair that grows ferociously forward.  I blow dry it back....straight back......and within an hour it's  coming forward again.  This means she always has to have a hair clip.....which come out all the time....or a ponytail....which I get tired the question is ....what would you do with it??

She is way over due for a trim!
There is this option...notice how the bangs are cut in a pie shape....opposed to the straight line above.

 Or this is how she had it before the lady butchered it on vacation clear back in July.  Still requires a hair clip for actual living as it's always in her face.  But I do like it.  It's about like above but with a little more bangs.

Thing one and Thing two

Or technically thing 5 & 6....but it was Dr. Seuss day at school and they were supposed to wear red shirts for a Thing one and Thing two project.  They look a little Seuss-ish!  and like Trouble!

 This is right after school......the daily raid on the kitchen has commenced.

And the Thing One and Thing Two hair they made at school........  I told Wren to smile, so Iley reached over to help out......
 ......they think they are SO funny!

 They look more like wild Fiji islanders I'm a thinkin.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Son Day

Our message today was ...Who is Jesus.  The main theme.....answer the big question and the little questions will take care of themselves......Who IS Jesus...HE is the light of the world, the son of God, the I AM, the truth seeker, true witness.  If your health is failing ask.....who is Jesus?  If the world of politics is a mess....who is Jesus?  If your marriage is failing......who is Jesus?  If your kids are a mess.....who is Jesus?  Because if you don't have the big question right......the others can't be right.  If we claim to be children of we act like it?  Do we seek his will?  Do we walk in the light?  Do we love what He loves and hate what He hates?  I hear people say to my remind me of your dad.....DO we remind people of our Heavenly father??  Is the light shining from us?  Awesome message! My toes still hurt. 

The nice "boutonniere on Ash's shirt.......Iley's hair clip. 

Loose tooth!!  She worried it and messed with it ALL day!!

 Iley wanted her picture taken too....she doesn't like Wren to get too much attention. (nice clean nose huh)  She NEEDS to wiggle her two bottom teeth out!
 This is re-purposing at it's finest.....see the pants on the table ...minus the legs? hmmm.  He's getting ready to duct tape the top so the snow won't get in.  I suggested sewing it.....but he said that would make him look like a whale head......(as opposed to what?)

Iley was impressed with it.

Iley's stroller usually has her doll, or a stuffed animal or two and maybe her purse.....Wren's on the other hand is always STUFFED and OVER FLOWING with nearly everything she owns.  Plus she had a back pack on that was stuffed to the gills too.   She had another empty ramen noodle box on top of this but I said....ENOUGH!.....that is going to the trash!

 Our newly married church attenders this morning.  What a great bunch of kids.  Love them all.  Two are mine by birth....two by marriage.....Micah the tall guy lived with us for 6 months....Kyndahl lived with us for 2 years.....We've been friends with Micah's wifes parents for years......and we are loving having Ella in the family now.  Love em.


 For supper Sherman wanted finger food to eat while we played the game Jokers.  We were planning on having pigs in a blanket.....but we didn't have any biscuits.  Then I stole remembered this idea I'd seen on another moms blog.....I felt really home school /crafty momish tonight:).....I'm NOT bashing them!!  I want to BE them.....I'm just NOT.  So I was rather pleased with myself....and my popularity rating went up I'm sure.
 Interested observers.


 These two dip every thing in Guacamole!  Gross.


You can't tell what it is here....but Wren is dipping her clementine in her nacho cheese!  YUCK!   She ate it and didn't bat an eye.  We all stared at her to see what her reaction would be when she tasted it....nothing...she just kept right on eating like no big deal. But that does not sell me on the idea.

 GUESS WHO FINALLY WIGGLED HER TOOTH OUT!!!  Her first lost tooth:)  She was so happy!

Guess who didn't like her getting all the cheers and attention!  and made sure she was in as many pictures as she could squeeze into!