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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wrens School Birthday Party

Tomorrow Wren turns 6!  But they don't have preschool on Fridays so I took in snacks today.  Most kids would want cupcakes and candy and punch.  But not my little carnivore.  Bring on the protein please.
She was SO happy to be the one allowed to pass out the plates......and toothpicks!!

 Iley started out passing out napkins but they realized she was supposed to be passing out the milk
She was fine with that.  She went around and asked everyone.....what kine you want?  Then when they said white, chocolate, or strawberry......she would say "chocolate? ok"  white? Ok, strawberry? ok." 

 Oh my goodness what is Wren doing over there??  She is opening the "birthday cake" before she is supposed to!! She was supposed to wait till they got done singing to her......but she kinda missed the cues....

 So they had her put the lid back on and wait.

 Big sis Kyndahl came along help take pictures.......and just cause she loves her little sisters.....and the feeling is totally mutual!  They love to stay at Kinnels house.....not sure they've added Thatcher yet. LOL.

 Lots of cute little faces:)

 Wren and Mrs. Kay, her sign language teacher/interpreter.  We LOVE all of her teachers!!! They are an amazing committed group of ladies!
 Iley has really started to open up at school the last couple of weeks.  She's talking more, and participating much more.  She decided today that she needed to be in on all the pictures!

 This is Riley....they have kidding........Miley, Riley, and Iley.......all in the same preschool class of 11 kids!  What's the chances???

 Wren and Miley.........

 Easy girlfriend!  You're going to strangle the poor lil girl! 
 I flipped the screen on my camera out to the side and toward them so they could see themselves as soon as I took the picture.  They all loved that;)


This may look like a common scene to most.....but trust me it is kind of an EXCITING one for us!  Wren
 especially, but even Iley has not been very interested in books.  They both sat here for the longest sweetly together....and looked at the books!!!  YAY!!  I DO want them to love to read!  Just think of the world that will open to Wren especially, but Iley too.

 This was a much coveted game.  You use the pen and push some buttons to change the color as it spins inside...not real sure how it worked, but they were lined up for a turn.

Ok just a few more I promise!

The girls were bailing out of their playhouse over the little wall, then they would run back in slam the door, and do it again????  The boys were cracking up at them, and said come quick with your camera!  I almost missed it:(  but you get the idea.  It must have been really wild, cause the boys were worried Iley was going to bust her stitches.



  1. Happy Birthday to Wren! What a special day! Her first American birthday with family that loves and cares for her!

  2. What fun!!! Her first big bday party at school. It looks like she loved it. Happy Happy Birthday Wren. I know she feels much loved from all of you. She will love all the attention at her party at home too. You are such a good mom. :) Love ya!!

  3. What fun those girls are having! Happy Birthday Wren. Kate can't wait to meet both you & Iley in person. She loves looking at all the photos.