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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow White?

Mirror mirror on the wall.....who's the fairest one of all?...........Snow White........ahhhhhh...

The dwarfs went off to work and left snow white alone in the house and told her do NOT let anyone in.
But Snow White was BORED....and the little old lady looked harmless.....
 But unknown to Snow White....the banana was poisoned........
 Snow white took one bite and fell to the floor...........
 Ok I totally made all that up....they have never even heard of Snow White .......but they COULD have been playing that:) LOL

Whenever they get tired of playing in their playhouse.....I just turn it a different direction, or put it in a different spot.....or cover it with blankets...or give them m&ms in a cup to eat IN their house.......and I get a few more days worth of entertainment:)


  1. Of course Snow White was bored! She had been cleaning up after 7 dwarves, cooking for 7 dwarves, and probably doing their laundry! She was just looking for some "girl-talk". Maybe there is a lesson here...yikes! Does this mean I should be happier doing all my have-to jobs instead of looking out the window? Shoot! Well, enough of that...:)
    Wren is a mighty cute little Snow White and Iley is a very NOT scary old lady. But why is the banana on a string? I guess you never know when that could be definately put an new twist on an old tale!
    Tell all HELLO!,

    1. Im thinkin that the banana is from curious george??? & they are doing a Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down the banana??? We are all the same type of weird!! I have been to long around those to small??!!

  2. What fun it must be to watch them play!

  3. Too, too cute. Smart Mom you are, Judy. I can hear their little giggles, warms my heart.