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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Special Reason

Sometimes it's hard to come up with a title for a blog post.  Other times I have one in mind before I even start.  Sometimes I have to upload the pictures before inspiration inspiration this time.

Troy's been working crazy long hours trying to get Our Wood component business moved to Colorado.  For those not familiar with it, we make raised panel cabinet doors, drawer boxes and moldings that we sell mainly to cabinet makers.  We have a plant in Indiana and this one in Kansas.  We are in the process of moving the Kansas one to small feat.  So if we want to see Dad....we have to go to him these days.  

The girls have no superstitions about going under ladders.

I don't know if you can tell in this picture but this is a ramp.  They pedal to the top and then coast down.
Troy is working on a machine that has malfunctioned......Sherman is an interested observer......maybe he's just thinking..."give me a roll of duct tape and I'll fix this thing" LOL

I'm sure Dad was so glad for all his "help"

Headed out to ride dirt bikes with the big didn't last long!  It was too cold!

Today was "Wild West Fest" day at school.  We don't have any cow girl outfits so we opted for pigtails....don't know how "western" this is.......but at least it was something different.  I had Wrens around the back like Iley's....but then went to put her CI's on and they were right on top of her magnets.  So we stuck them out Pippi Longstocking style:) They made me smile every time I looked at her.

She was mad cause she couldn't get the lid off her marker....
 But OH MY GOODNESS......when we try just a little harder....amazing things happen!

 We have a little hair growing to do before this looks really cute, but they had fun wearing their hair a different way.

This video was right before they got in the tub.  Wren started out with her shirt on her head, and then I tied her sleeves on top.  She looked in the mirror and immediately did an exaggerated bow.  It looked so totally Chinese:) ...made ME laugh:)


  1. I bet these two have you laughing quite often! So does this mean you are moving to Colorado?

    1. Hi Vicky:) We are planning to move to Colorado eventually. We are going to let the kids finish the school year for sure, and then see where everything is. We haven't looked for a house yet, but we have checked out a couple of schools in the area.

  2. ok, where do start?? First of all, Colorado??!! My home state!! Of course, I am in Florida, but YOU KNOW I will travel to see my family and then I will be able to see youuuuu!!!! Where in CO, do you know yet?

    Also, those Pippi pigtails are so cute. I love the pic with Dayu's excited face after she opens the marker!

    The video is a scream!