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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Man Cave

Harrison and Sherman decided they need a "Man Cave"  Not sure why their rooms aren't good enough....but it must be because mom still has jurisdiction over the two main levels of the house....(and they have to keep it reasonably clean).......but the basement.....she rarely penetrates.  It's just too scary!  So I told them they could set up their "Man Cave" down already looked like a a cave couldn't be any worse!......IF they cleaned it first....see already mom doesn't "get" man cave rules......that's part of don't have to won......she's stubborn like that.

 I really was NOT exaggerating!  Although I do see two potential threats to this "Man Cave" idea.  Two small....adorable...persistent THREATS!

 They found this cute little critter while cleaning.....even cuter cause he's DEAD!!  That's the way I like mice!

 cocked up his toes

 And....AFTER!  Still ugly...but MUCH better!

 I could give many suggestions on seating arrangement...seems a little far apart for good conversation...and the decorations......Well..lets just say I couldn't live in a Man Cave.
 In this corner is the snack bar...complete with a fridge.....that is unplugged and empty....but has such potential......for gatorade and soda.  (Okay Okay Gwen....pop!  Soda sounds cooler though)

And.....some close ups of the "decor" .....Baseball.....very manly.

 Every good Man Cave needs a saw blade and a deer antler!

 Seemed like a good place for a clock.......and besides....there was a nail there.

 Sherman.....Mr. MESS.......(and it is messy)  ....working LAST MINUTE (they go back  to school tomorrow....and this pic was taken at 10:00pm.!) on a "project" for one of his classes.  He had to recreate a scene out of a book they are reading. 
He painted the trees and grass and river.  The tee pee is paper and coffee stir straws....the canoe is cardboard...the people are pipe cleaners.  He did not have on bit of help from anyone.

The Indian, and the White man.

 he added another tee pee and a fire.  Hot glue was used generously.

 The tree continues to be decorated......I guess this is tinsel of clumps.

 Ooooh it's a scawy one eyed eagle.......

 She played all day with this mask.  She is so silly.  She usually picks one toy that she packs around all day.  Saran wrap...a it was a stuffed basket ball?

 Shermans latest duct tape invention.......a holster.  Not bad.

 with a belt loop.

  And a random picture......Wren's scar from her cochlear implant surgery.


  1. The man cave looks a little sterile! They need something to "warm it up"! I love that they had the energy to do such a project.

    Wren's scar looks really good! (and I see my fair share of these in my line of work)!

    I still cannot believe how well, Iley is doing! PTL!

    The school project looks great! So does the holster! Such talent!

    Happy New Year! Don't you have a couple weddings coming up?

  2. Nice looking family you have there on top of your blog. Looks like you got a good picture of everyone. The boys will love their man cave. :) I'm sure they will want Caleb to come enjoy it with them right? :) Sherman is quite handy with duck tape i would say. Pretty clever fella. And working so hard on his project. I'm sure you are glad to have school started again and back to a few hours of quiet time for yourself. Love all the pics. You do quite well of capturing so many things. :) Your life won't slow down for a little yet so will be praying for strength for you. Love you.