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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, January 21, 2013

Headed in to the school to watch Harrison play basket ball.  This was the girl's first basket ball game.  As soon as we got there one of the boy's classmates took off with them, and they came back with ring pops from the concession stand. 

 They sat on the very front row trying to get Harrison to look at them and wave.  Every time I would cheer "good job Harrison" Iley would turn around and ask "Harrison do a good job?"  I would say uh huh, and she would then turn around and yell "GOOD JOB HARRISON"  I'm sure he was thrilled to have us there!LOL.

 Sporting our Red and White showing our Q colors:)

 The girls have FINALLY both learned how to pump themselves in the swings!!  Yay!  Sorry these aren't very good pics....I took them from the porch.

 I found these little buckets that they carried flowers in at the wedding on each side of their front door with pom poms stuck in them. Flower pots?

 I debated whether to post these next two....and maybe I shouldn't have.....but they were having so much fun here, and mom was such a bad guy.......after she snapped pics of course.....and made them stop.  They were taking turns being the bridge.....then once the boat?car?train??? went under....the bridge collapsed into the water causing a MAJOR Tsunami!!!  There was water clear to the bathroom door! I need an aquarium... ...with a bathe these two in!

 Wren (much  like a wild puppy) was outside playing with the boys.....but Iley .. very like a cat... likes comfort...the cat  came wouldn't stay was perched on my counter on the very next day.......

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