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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, January 25, 2013

Girls Night Out

Not the kind I was wishing for......and truth be told, I tried to go alone.....I would have been just fine with a girl (singular) night out.....but.......I didn't have the heart to tell them they couldn't go.  They LOVE to go to town.  So the 3 of us girls took off for our first solo trip to Hays.  Troy usually goes along.  He watches them while I try to shop.  Our first stop was the mall to look for shoes and sweaters for our next wedding.  I have dresses ordered, and we were successful finding shoes!  I have knee socks too, now all I need is sweaters and they will be set.

We ate a little soul food, and they were Happy Happy Happy:)

The next stop was Goodwill.  We like to dig around through the oddities and junk for hidden treasure.
The biggest treasure we got tonight was some crack up pictures:) 

Don't let this sweet moment fool you!

 There was a mighty power struggle over "who" was going to hold the umbrella.  Any guesses as to who won?

If you guessed was only for her designated "turn".

 This girl LOVED the umbrella and very charmingly.... with no words.... manipulated it out of Iley's hands!

 Oh all right if mom makes me... I'll let her have it for a couple of pictures.

 Then Iley happily moved on to trying on the hats.....yes Aunt Dixie.....I actually allowed her to try them on:)  If you hear we all have cooties......well at least we'll know where they came from!

 This hat had a sheep on it....Iley was rather partial to it.....but I talked her out of it.  Sorry but $3.99 for a used hat at Goodwill seems kind of expensive!

 Look how benevolent I am holding the umbrella over her this whole time!

 This one was a quirky number that made her look like a small elf.  Notice who has moved away to lessen the chance of having to share!

 Then they spotted the exercise took both of them to get it to move.LOL  They were grunting and working so hard!

Well.....Wren was working, I think Iley was doing the grunting:)

They have these huge bears at Wal-mart right now.  It was bigger than the girls! That's the last picture I had time to take!  They were out of the double seater carts so the girls had to WALK.......they TRY to get out of the cart the entire time they are riding in the 2 seater, and all they did tonight was hang on the edges and beg to get IN tonight!  I am POOPED!.....does anyone else's  head itch?......kidding.


  1. Adorable fun!! I am still adjusting my mind to the idea that...Judy has girls, love it. Oh how I wish that we could go to Ashley and Ellas wedding. Love you all.

  2. Judy! you are amazing! I just love reading about the girls! When is the next wedding?

    1. The next wedding is Feb. 9th! Aren't they cute little fire crackers! Oh my....I am growing through them. WITH Christ all things are possible!

  3. Girls shopping day was a hit! Hats and umbrellas! You seriously take some fun shots, Judy!