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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, January 18, 2013

Back in Business!! Yay!

This lovely picture was the purchase I made with the money from two dear friends for my Birthday:)  Thank you again Carol and Leann.

 Iley loves looking at pictures on the computer.  I let her do this while Wren is at school....if they are both here....they fight over who gets to push the arrow buttons.  So when Wren is home I usually run the buttons.

 She looks rather smug huh!

 And a blog post wouldn't be complete without the latest duct tape invention! 

This is one of Wren's early papers from school that she colored.
 Then the bat one is next and the rainbow one is the most recent.  She is definately improving on her coloring skills!!  They can both write their names now, and know most of their basic colors.  Iley can count to 10, and Wren is starting to get numbers and counting too!  It is such a slow painful process with her, but if I step back and look how far she's come......from knowing nothing........she is doing amazingly well.  A HUGE thank you to her hard working dedicated teachers!!

 This is in Ohio.  We went to the Chinese restaurant with Gpa and Gma and Aunt Gwen and the boys on Friday for lunch before rehearsal.  Oh yeah.....and did I mention that I was in charge of rehearsal hum.....and did I mention that I made two huge bowls of Chicken straw hat meat mixture for it ahead of time and froze it......checked it off my list...DONE.......and then because it was done....didn't think of it again till I was 10hrs. down the road. Yep.   Wahhhhh!!!  The pizza was delicious.

Not sure why the boots had to come off to eat??

This is the ring bearer and the flower girls waiting to rehearse.  The girls are almost 6, and Blaine is 4.

 It was Blaine's idea to make crazy faces......bad influence? ha ha.

 Kyndahl's Uncle Bo walked her down the isle.  She lost her Daddy several years ago to a heart attack.  It was a bitter sweet day for her and her family.

 Blaine looks like he's saying "oh my word these girls are a MESS"  and he's not far off.
 This bucket makes a nice little purse....I'll just put it on my shoulder.  I felt sorry for Kyn's sister Kaitlyn who was in charge of looking after the girls and Blaine up there!  During the  wedding,  Blaine wandered through the middle of Kyn and Thatcher, and the flower girls stood up, sat down, put their dresses in the buckets, over the buckets, crawled up the stairs....nearly had a fight over one of the bouquets, had their head bands all askew to where they looked more like miners head lamps, looked at the crowd and shrugged as if to say "beats me what's going on....but it's taking forever"  I'd say the crowd got their money's worth:(  Mom and Dad were signing frantically....being mostly ignored....and finally caught their eye and made them come sit with them......sorry is OVER. whew!
 Three of the ushers and a friend.

 My handsome hubby:)
Every woman crazy bout a sharp dressed man:).....minus the cell phone please!!
 Rushing around getting everything bagged up to take with us.  We didn't dare dress the girls too far ahead!
 Looking Cute and Wedding ready.....for a bit.....I had to recurl their hair!  The little cutie on the end is the daughter of a good friend.  She has been praying for Wren and Iley since she first found out about them:)  It was so good to see them playing together!  Love you Anya:)
 Oh yes.....notice Wrens shoeless feet......I forgot her shoes at Grandmas!!  Thankfully Uncle Glen Dales who live right next door hadn't left yet, and brought them last minute!  otherwise they would have both been barefoot.

 .....and because...lady like is always didn't last long!
 Wren was so pleased to see Grpa and Grma from Kansas show up.  I think the girls are still a little amazed that the same people keep showing up in their lives.  In their past, people left.  People didn't come back.
 Troy with his mom and dad, and a small fluffy leach.
The cute gals at the guest book.
 My beautiful neice Fran on the right. The other cuties were kyndahls cousins.

 Back at Grandmas after all the festivities.  The girls had fun playing on the bunk beds.  It made Grandma a little nervous, but they never fell out.

 I laughed at this one!  They look like they are in the stocks!

 On Sunday at noon we went to Kyndahls mom's for left over pulled pork, and watched them open their gifts.  Their plane didn't leave till later that evening.
 They really don't look old enough to be off on their own all married and stuff do they!  Silly babies.

 Do you see that lovely antique crock they have loaded up???  and all the antique dolls and stuff sitting around??  I had to rescue more than one thing! Yikes!  You were brave to have this crew at your house Suz!

 I thought I told you boys to EMPTY the suitcases!

 These two LOVE LOVE LOVE Guacamole!  The were sharing a bowl of it and making sure the other didn't get in an extra dip!  I'm surprised Iley will eat it.  It's green you know.  She won't touch an olive, or a bean......she picks them out like we are trying to feed her bugs or something.

I don't have any pictures from the actual wedding. Sorry.  I just didn't have time to take any.  It was all lovely!  The photographer got some good ones though so hopefully I can post some later.  OR you can check out facebook if you are friends with Thatch and kyn.  


  1. Oh it is SOO good to see you back on here. I am so glad you got whatever fixed. Been having withdrawals from this blog. :) Those two little dolls are just so fun to watch and see. Love all your little descriptions and how you tell about things. What a busy life you all have. :) From one thing to the next. Love every one of you!!!!

  2. Welcome back! I've missed you and your blog post! You are one super busy lady! Congrats on the marriage of one son! It's wonderful that you have a sweet precious daughter-in-law!

    The girls look wonderful in their flower girl dresses! Too cute!

  3. Wow, it is SOOOO good to have you back. Loving all the pics again. I love the photo that you picked out from Carol and I, you are so welcome...we love you. Loved the wedding pics, the girls were darling as always, Troy looked very handsome, Fran, wow, what a beautiful young lady, and you, too, were very beautiful, Judy, cant wait to see more pics. The girls got good taste, love me some guacamole. Love you all much.

  4. Fun, fun, fun. Well, I for one hope that someone got some video clips of the wedding "show" by W and I. ;)
    I thought of you over the weekend.
    Sounds like it all went well...
    Will be looking forward to wedding pics.

  5. Glad you are back. I missed your updates!

    And now no one has to wonder what you did with ALL that extra time you had when you couldn't post :-)


  6. Looks like it was a wonderful time!!

    PS, LOVE your new cover photo!