Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back to our "Normal"

Things are getting back to normal around here......well that is such a relative term.... My mom and dad left for their home in Ohio on Monday, We were sad to see them go, and so so so thankful for their willingness to drop everything and come and stay with our kids. 

Iley went back to school on Monday!  Just 11 days after open heart surgery!  She had a hole the size of a nickel that had to have a patch to close, and another hole closed, and a valve repaired.  This little girl is one tough cookie!

Houston....we have a problem......the new/extra balloon was a life saver....BUT.....the old balloon is going down down is now being abandoned for the one that floats.....this could end up like the hot dog and bun problem....if you let could go on and on....just sayin.  And have I mentioned before that I have a strong dislike for night roaming helium balloons?  They are left alone to wander through the house like silent ghosts....about head level....moving on the air currents......they will give you a nasty fright if you meet up with one in the middle of a bathroom run at a silent stalker.....

 Headed to the Christmas program for Harrison and Sherman.  Have I mentioned that these boys are crazy about their lil sisters? I did not  tell them to pose this way! The feeling is mutual....most of the time.   Nice sunset out the window too:)

This is the 7th and 8th grade choir.  Harrison is in the back row with the pink tie. Can you believe I didn't get a picture of Sherman's class!  I was so aggravated!

And then Sherman came home and made this......can you guess what it is?

How about now? 

It's a Kazoo.....a giant Kazoo.  What kind of mind looks at a stack of homework papers, an empty pringles can, and a straw and says....I know......I'll make a Kazoo????  He's an original:) 

Two silly girls.....

 Very willing hindrances helpers.

 Yes....that is saran wrap around Iley's neck.  This was her "toy" of choice today. ???  I don't even know where it came from.

 They gathered all these lovely props and signed/said "Picture mom".  This one was totally unprompted by me!  I definitely would not have added the props:)
 The flower is even backwards:)

 Wren's first snow experience!  She wasn't too sure about it.....then just as she bent over and grabbed a handful, a huge gust of wind and snow swirled around the corner and she shrieked and ran for the house.

Iley had encountered snow up in Minnesota.  She was not at all impressed, we couldn't persuade her to go out!  She  didn't even like the snowmen someone made outside the hospital.  A car all covered in snow went by under our window and she said
"ice cream?"'s snow.  It's cold like ice cream though:)

 We got Wrens hair trimmed up tonight.  It was a straggly shaggy mess.  Now it's almost all the same length and  ready to grow for a while.  I think I'm going to let both of their hair grow out a bit...bangs and all....I'm seeing some cute little pig tails in the future.  Iley has never had longer hair than Wren! 

 And.....the saran wrap some how ended up in the tub!  It was like spa wrap.....draped over their tummies.....across their backs.....wrapped around their lovely wet and about went down the drain!!! 


  1. Love seeing all the pics of the girls (and boys!) I'm sure it feels good to be home and I am amazed by Iley's recovery! Great outfits on the girls. I need some leggins and skirts for my little one!!
    Much love!, Angela

  2. Can you tell I'm trying to "catch up" with my blog comments. Many times I've read your blog and I've just been to tired to comment. Tonight as long as things are quiet, I plan to catch up!

    I love all the photos. Sherman is so creative! I love seeing the girls with their big brothers! It's easy to see that they are crazy about each other, and what a blessing!

    The girls are just to cute in all their photos! They are not camera shy! Love it!