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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Post Surgery Day 3

 The more we have gotten to know Miss Cricket..........the more we worried how surgery would go for her.  Or more surgery. This is the child that will limp around all day because she has a little scratch on her foot with a bandaid on it.  The one who wants a bandaid on the tiniest owie.  what in the world will she do when she has an owie all the way down her chest..........that really hurts??

So far she has amazed us with her resilience and toughness.  She cries when they have to take out tubes, or mess with changing a dressing on the incisions etc.  But the girlie who whines and cries forever over the smallest imagined or real NOT here.  She's been a dream  patient and such a love.

I do wonder what in the world is going through her head.......maybe with the drugs she's's visions of sugar plums and all things pleasant????  Hopefully she has felt very little pain.  

She had a good night  last night, up a few times but went right back to sleep. Today.... She`s had all her tubes removed.....rough day!  The chest drainage tubes were the worst.  She's done amazingly well through all of it in spite of the NO FUN factor.  Her catheter is out as well.  She has pottied a couple of times, but needs to more.  She also needs to do a big job:(  which all the meds she's on is not helping.    I'm not sure she can leave until she does.  They plan to get her up and walk her around tomorrow to help all the fluid to drain and body functions get rolling. 

The surgeon is supposed to come by in the morning........I think.......or Maybe it's on Monday?  He did surgery.........then had to leave the next day for his Mother-in-law's funeral:(  So we haven't seen him since right  after surgery.  The nurses assure us that they are in contact with him and he is giving orders from afar.  A couple of other Cardiologists have been in to see her though.  Every one thinks she is doing great.....and she's being much made over because she's such an easy patient........and for just being really cute........I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that most of the patients are over 65.  This is not a childrens only hospital, so she doesn't have much competition..........but............she is adorable:)   I look at her sometimes and wonder how did I get so lucky to have two of these beautiful Asian babies?  I hope she's feeling as lucky to land with us!!!  I think I'll wait a couple of months before I quiz her on that one.  My ratings might not be too high rith now!

Thank you all for your continued prayers!!!  Sorry there won't be any pictures till I get home:(  I forgot the camera card reader at home, and I can't get the Ipad pictures to post.


  1. Oh, this makes me so happy. What a little sweetheart. I do believe that you and the girls are both very blest. We had a good day today with your boys for Gordons bday, I think they all had fun. Thank you to your Mom and Dad for the card and $$, Gordon was very thankful. Can't wait to have you back home. ((HUGS))

  2. I had checked earlier for an update and feel so blessed to read this now. What a blessing to see that Iley continues to do well. I'm thankful for God's answer to prayer!

    I hope you are able to rest during the times that Iley is resting! Being the care giver is a hard job. Hang in there, Mama!

    Praying for another good post op day for one and all!

  3. Ive been checking and checking for an update! and Praying and Praying! Praise the Lord things are going so smoothly for you! Hope all is well with Wren too. The momma business is hard and worrisome but those little girls are blessed beyond their comprehension. Blessings for today!

  4. Sorry that didnt post my name...
    Love from Delk and Shelly

  5. Good Morning dearest sister,

    I haven't been commenting on the blog but, as you know, that doesn't mean I am not avidly following! (plus the txt updates!) I never know what to say on the blog...I would much rather just TALK to you. :) Talked to Mom and Dad a couple times. Sounds as if Wren is eating up all the personal attention! Not to mention, her own personal servants to cater to her every whim! :) Sooo glad she is doing well there and not stressing, which would make it worse for you. We could hardly look at the picture you sent of Iley hooked up to all the tubing and monitors. It made us feel sad...but the following ones have been so much better we have forgotten the first ones! Hoping this is what you are doing too! Please Hug and Kiss her from us! I know her charming ways...she will have them all eating out of her hand! Such cute little hands! Everyone here keeps asking me about all of you! Went to Christmas caroling last eve and should have just made a general announcement on the subject!! Must have told what I know 10 times! I think Ash is out here but haven't seen stuff is keeping him busy! Tell Troy and Iley we are thinking of them, also!
    Can't Wait to Talk to You!!!,


  6. I am so glad she is doing so good. Makes it so much easier for you to deal with it all. I have thought of you so much and wondered how YOU were doing through it all. Course wondered about her too and Troy too. :) I know she is soo soo glad to have you for her momma and feeling just as blessed as you are. :) Happy Birthday to you dear friend in a couple hours. I will be thinking of you and hope it is a wonderful day for you even though you are stuck in a hospital room but have a sweet little daughter to share it with you. Love to see the updates. Even without any pictures. Bless you real good. Love you.

  7. Judy,

    Hope the surgeon was able to return today and that you'll be on your way home with Iley soon. I am sure it feels like forever.

    It may be time to start praying for your return home. It will be hard for Wren to adjust to normal life after her special time at Grandma's. Don't take her attitude personally, and keep reminding her that she needs the fun and excitement of other people for short periods of time, but she needs a steady, loving, directing mother for always. And you are just who God chose for her mom!


  8. Hi Judy & family,
    So relieved and happy that Iley is doing so well. What a brave little trooper! Just want you to know that I'm praying for your family.
    Blessings <><
    Lisa Jordan