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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Post Christmas Doldrums

I hope the poor stroller holds up.  They love the stroller....but they both want to the same time.  Wren is usually willing to let Iley sit on her or share her toys as long as she'll PLAY with her.  Iley is less likely to return the favor.  She is very territorial!  She likes being the "baby" (by 2.5 months) and milks it.  I'm not sure Wren realizes yet that Iley is the same age as her.  She treats her like a little sister most of the time.

 Lovely painted toes.  One has blue fingernails and purple toes, the other one has purple fingernails and blue toes.

 Dutifully posing for Mom......stopped mid play....they look just a little annoyed.......??

Back drop mal function!!!!! again.
 .....and funny as always.   And yes that's a stuffed cucumber...his name is Larry.

 OOOOh  and we were worried about the stroller! I think Thatcher innocently sat down first....then Kyndahl plopped on top.....then the girls joined in.....and Sherm decided to jump in when he saw the camera.
 I was trying to get Thatcher in the picture before Wren moved her head again....and cut off Sherm.     Please disregard the "porta pot" by the chair!  I had just carried it down from upstairs where Grandpa had installed it for Wren while they were keeping her, so Grandma wouldn't have to bring her down the stairs in the night......I should have moved the camera the other way and cut IT out instead of Sherm!!  It had to go...even though it was handy in the night.....I was tired of maintaining it....and worrying about whether the girls were using it during the day.......and NOT wiping....OR washing hands.  Glad it worked for you Grandma.....but then Dad did carry it down dutifully and dump it for you......I have had NO offers of service in this area......even if I would trust them to do it in a sanitary manner.....and it goes.

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  1. It seems you have the most fun at your house! I just love all your photos.