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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kyndahls Kansas Bridal Shower

Because Kyndahl and Thatcher are much loved....and most of the Kansas friends and family couldn't make it to her shower in Ohio....sweet people that they are....had one for them in Kansas. 

All the decorations behind us here were gifts:)  Except the shelves.  They belong to the library.

Kyndahl with all of the lovely ladies that helped.  From left to right.....Marla, Carrie, Lucy, Kyndahl, Leann, Katie and Carol.

 And of course Wren and Iley thought they should be in this picture with Kyndahl too! 
The Yummy food....Pretzel bites and cheese dip, apples and dip, and a sugar cookie.  Hot cider and water for beverage.

Most sat in their chairs and ate.....some sat on the floor.

 Then she had to use her napin for a picnic table cloth....and really get down to business!  She licked the cheese dip clean!

 Kyndahl had lots of little "helpers" again! 

 These were right before we walked out the door...."the white door" is right on the way out and always so handy....that's why you see it so much:)  They all made me I put them all on.

 And OF COURSE.......Ms. Wren HAD to carry the bag!

 This was this morning...bed heads and all....just hanging out. Notice Wrens right eye...:(.....still a little turned in after MONTHS of patching!  sigh.....

LOVE this one of my Sherm Sherm.  He really is such a Teddy Bear:)

 And the duct taped finger.......????????????.........just because he LOVES tape!

 They were selling hats...all stuffed in the handy little case......Hats for sale....hats for sale.......anyone want a hat?

 Miracle of miracles!!  They sat and put this puzzle together with only 1 squabble!  ALL BY THEMSELVES! 

 Ok.......this next one is totally random....but struck me funny for some reason......maybe because my reasoning is hanging by a thread most days.....and NO I wasn't drinking the wine.  But does this collection of stuff end up on my kitchen counter???  Wine, a toy cupcake, deodorant, super glue and a leatherman.  I found them just like this????  Such an unlikely chummy group.

And this fuzzy face popped in before heading to he made it on......:)  He looks so thrilled huh!  Sorry to make you wait till the very end El:)  But wasnt' it worth it...hee hee.

A quick update on the Audiologist visit.  We like them.  Wren cooperated well in the sound proof room.  The Audiologist would make either voice noises or ling sounds or beeps.  When Wren hears them she is supposed to put a toy in a bucket, a peg in the board, a puzzle piece in the puzzle...etc.  Some she definately heard....others we wonder if she was picking up visual clues from around her....our expression changes, or some movement.  They didn't change any of her settings for now.  They felt like they were high enough and she was making good progress, so left them alone.  We go back in a month.  We also got to meet a lady who was implanted later in life, and she showed Wren her C.I.  and let Wren put hers on her. 

On the way there we stopped to potty....nothing unusual there:)....but while Wren was waiting for me to get done, she was signing "hear"  like she heard me going......and then the person next to us flushed the toilet.....she went Ahhhh!(shreik)!  signing HEAR and went around to check behind me to see if it flushed!  That is BIG!!!  she recognized a sound....knew what made it!  Then walking into the store, she signed "hear" and heard her boots clomping:)  and signed "hear" when the wheel on the cart was going thump a thump a thump.  She is hearing more and more!! 


  1. Wahoo! Today a toilet, tomorrow, speech!

    I keep forgetting to ask you - Does Wren kiss you with a sound, or does she give you a silent kiss?

    So glad she is making progress.


    1. She has always given silent kisses. She lacks the suction as well. It's just a lip thing, and she usually forgets to close her lips completely. Since her C.I.'s ....if I do a kiss kiss kiss smacking loudly to her and remind her by putting her finger in my mouth to demonstrate the sucking in part of kissing....she can immitate it...sort of. sometimes she will even blow out while kissing.

  2. I love all the photos from showers, puzzles, duct taped fingers and a strange collection of things of the counter! The girls look so cute in the matching coats!

    Could your plate get any fuller? What a blessing that Wren is hearing sounds and is associating those sounds with actions and things! How marvelous! I'm glad you liked the new audiologist and that the appointment went well.

    Blessings to you sweet friend!