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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Iley's Surgery pictures

Warning.....there are a LOT (as in 69 pictures!)....and some are not pretty.

This was the Sunday before we left.  Ash was here and trying to help Wren get her shoes on while Iley was perched on his head!  Would that be considered multitasking?

 Then Thatcher came in for the tackle and it's a little hard to know who's appendages belong to who.

 Grandpa and Grandma got here that evening to stay with Wren, Harrison and Sherman.

Iley fell asleep on the way to the's only a nice little 4hr. drive.

 When she entered the bathroom and heard the music......she broke into a little dance!  Kids are  so funny.....they don't care who's watching:)

 There was a play area at the airport in Minneapolis.  She was chatting with this chicken in the crate.

 Waiting on the luggage.....she is like "WHERE is it??"
 Waiting on the shuttle to Rochester.....Mom thought it would  be cute to take a picture with the blue lights....she nearly froze.  She was like.....  ok it's freezing mom......... lets go inside!
 Eating at a mexican restaurant right across from the hospital the day before surgery.  We had a bunch of different appointments at the Mayo clinic and the St. Mary's hospital.  I was cracking up at her little crossed legs:)

Using the bandage from her blood draw to "doctor" her bear.

 Looking out the window at the hospital while waiting to see the cardiologist.

 She spotted the swimming pool that morning before we left and asked all day if it was time to swim.  We forgot her swimsuit so her leggings and undershirt had to work. 

 Sitting on Daddy's lap the day of surgery.....waiting on our escort to take us to our room.

 In the prep room....she was not keen on the arm hug.

 She wanted mommy to ride on the bed with her.
 And she wanted mama to go with her to the surgery I got to wear this pretty blue suit.  That was the easy part!  When we got back there they made me put a mask on....and she wanted one too:)  They brought her one just like mine.....then they brought the happy mask....which did not make her happy....even if it did smell like bubble gum.  She cried and fought it and I dutifully held her and I was fine till she went to sleep.......then I felt SO guilty!  She looked so tiny and vulnerable and completely at the mercy of all the big people in her life.  She didn't really understand why her heart needed fixed...she felt just fine.  Holding her while they held the mask over her face made me feel like the only person she was depending on to keep her safe......had let her down.....and she was going to wake up with a really big ouchie.

This was how we first saw her after surgery.....well almost.  the very first picture we took on a cell phone, and she had a blue hat on.  Poor tiny baby.  She was completely unconscious the first night, so we went back to the hotel just across the street for the night.  They said they would call us as soon as she started waking up.....they did.....JUST as I stepped out of the shower the next morning!  Troy was already showered so he threw on some clothes and rushed over to the hospital.  I dried my hair put it up in a pony tail and rushed over soon after.  She was fighting the breathing tube and wanting it OUT!  She kept signing "DONE"  She didn't like the whole process AT ALL!  they had to go back in and suction out her lungs with a little tube down her nose.  Made her MAD. 

 This was her ICU room.  check out all the monitors!

 Look at those beautiful PINK lips!!

Little Amelia was just two weeks old.  She was in the same room on the other side of the curtain. She had just had heart surgery too.  She had to stay in ICU until she could learn to eat on her own.

Her little line up of cute puked on soon after this picture.  My sweater and skirt didn't fare any better:(

 She fell asleep while listening to dad's program and watching Curious George......that had to be a little confusing!  Guess she's just learning to multitask early.

 This was her fluid drainage meter.

 These were her drainage tubes.  The little dots around her nipple were from a pace maker during surgery.

 Just cute sweetness:)

 This is day 3 back in the regular room.  She was asking for a banana.  Of course the cafeteria was already closed....and there were no banana's to be found.  She was the only pediatric patient on the floor and they were all concerned about her banana.  They asked all the one had a banana.....but in the searching they did find one banana another elderly patient had saved.  Bless her heart, she offered it to us if we couldn't find any.  But.....Dad....the hero of the day....hoofed it to the gas station a couple of blocks away....and in record time was back with not one....but 3 bananas:)  Hooray for daddys!!
 This was our view out our window.  St. Mary's is an old Catholic Hospital.  We were in the new wing, but we got the view of the old more picturesque original.  They even had a manger scene in the lobby:)  That was a nice touch. 

 We gave her a brush and a mirror.....she occupied herself preening for a while....then the mirror became her cell phone.  Her hair was wet from sweat.  I think they had just came and removed several tubes.

Playing in the playroom on day 4.  She had to carry her heart monitor with her in the little back pack.

 Sitting on Dad's lap before he left to go back home.  This was Sunday afternoon.  Troy flew out on Sun. Eve. and they released us from the hospital on Monday right after lunch! 

 Life is good:)  got my chocolate milk, a purple purse, and a Winnie the Pooh movie.

 The wound unveiled.....not bad for 5 days!  and look at those PINK lips:)

 Headed across the road to the hotel!  She was glad to be DONE with the hospital!

 Day 5....just released from the hospital....up and about....hamming it up for the camera.  No one could believe she had surgery 5 days ago!

 Day 6 post op.  Eating breakfast at the restaurant in the motel....we were on a first name basis with the waitresses by the time we left!
 After eating breakfast, we walked over to the hospital and walked around....well....I walked.....Iley rode in a wheel chair....and thought it was great fun......we went up to the ICU to see if any of our nurses were working and to see if baby Amelia was still there...she was:(  but they were hoping to move to a regular room soon.  Then we went to the gift shop and tried on all the hats....and played with all the toys.....we did buy something....if that makes you feel better...

 My personal favorite:)

 Seriously mom?

 She loves her giraffe!

 "Raffi" went everywhere with us.

By the last night.......we were BORED stiff!  We walked down the street to Kentucky Fried Chicken...I ate the chicken.....she polished off the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes!  There was a self serve Yogurt place across the we walked over there and did our own little photo shoot.  We were the only ones in there for a while.

 I told her to sit like this........

 ...then she swivels around like this:)

 Walking back to the hotel......chilly!
 We got to the airport waaaay early so had the shuttle driver drop us off at the Mall of America.  They are totally set up for this kind of thing.  They had huge lockers for luggage and a train/subway/shuttle thing between the mall and the airport.  Iley loved riding this carousel and the next picture was a little bus that went up in the air and around and back down.  She loved them both! 

 Since Dad always wants the isle seat.....but she insisted on sitting by Daddy....she had to sit in the middle on the way home instead of by the window.

 I'm thinking it was a poor trade off......we lost Dad before the plane left the runway!

If you poor people are  still with me.......that's all folks.


  1. This post can really make a girl emotional---just sayin'. :)
    She is such a trooper. Wow.
    So are you guys. I am thankful you are her parents.
    I am wondering if this surgery was extra helpful for deeper bonding with you guys---she just looks really connected to you in these pics.
    Yay for you guys being home again. 2012 is QUITE the year around your house.
    Love to you.

  2. LOVED seeing all the pictures. How amazing that she was doing soo good so soon. She looks so healthy and amazing in the pictures after the surgery. What a little trooper. What a trooper you were too to hang out a that motel for several days. :) I know home feels so good to you. Now on to the next big event in your life. Will there ever be normal at your house? :) I hope things can calm down for you maybe after Feb for a little bit anyway. Whew. I know God gives you the strength to keep going. So glad you are home and so good to see you and Iley doing so well. Love you.

  3. So, so happy to see all of this. Thank you so much for taking time out of your crazy busy schedule to keep us all up to date and entertained. What a little trooper indeed. I have to admit, I teared up a bit reading your post and looking at the pics. What a precious little soul. I know that you are so thankful to be home. More busyness to follow. Bless you dear friend. Lovingly...Leann

    1. THANK YOU to each of you for your prayers and support, just knowing you are there and love us helps so much:) THank you Leann and Carol for the lovely gift card:) and the yummy snacks! It was a wonderful birthday present for have Iley released from the hospital with "uneventful" written in the description of her hospital stay:) We are blessed indeed.

  4. Loved them: every. single. picture. The tubes (to know they helped and are now gone), the hats!, Iley's little pink crocheted bow, her sweet faces, the banana story, the giraffe, the dancing, the scar (ouch, I know how much my small one hurt. She is such a tough cookie!), the scrubs, the fountain picture and Iley's new lip color.

    Glad you are home, and hope Amelia is home soon, too.

  5. Wow!! What a journey!! So glad all of that is passed for you guys and she did soo well! Soo glad to have her back in school!! :)

  6. What a wonderful update! I am totally amazed at how quickly Iley bounced back after her MAJOR surgery! Back to school in only 11 days! Wow! I love that they let you go back while she was going to sleep. What a comfort that had to be for her, knowing mama was there!

    Catching up and seeing Iley's pink lips and seeing her playing is just a testimony of God's great power! I'm thankful that He gave this sweet child such an amazing family to love and care for her!

    You are amazing!

  7. Wow! She gets cuter by the minute. She is so photogenic and too cute for words! What a trooper she is and thank God she was given such tough parents. You guys are such a blessing and we miss you so much! So glad that is all behind you.