Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Iley is out on day 5!

5 days was never in the pre surgery conversations. Not once.  We heard 7-10 days unless there were complications.  No complications:).  our God is an awesome God...He reigns from heaven above....Praising Him for leading us to the best surgeon in the country for this heart condition.  We heard every where we went how lucky we were to have this surgeon performing the surgery.  

Troy flew home on Sunday with plans to come back and get us on friday.  soooooo....We (Iley and me,Mom) are staying at the little motel across the road from the hospital.  It is still has real keys for the doors....(which annoyed troy when he stayed there cause they are big and harder to put in your pocket) and one very little elevator. is clean and nice.  It has two restaraunts in it so we won't starve either:). If we run really fast to the end of the hall the minute we first hear it...we can even watch the helicopter land on the roof of the hospital....way cool.....oh and we have to go down the hall and around the corner to the only ice machine.  Listen to me!!!!,   There are starving people living in dirt floor huts and I'm worried about my carpeted walk to the ice machine.  How pathetic is that!   truely I am blessed!

It has been so amazing to hear of all the people praying for this little girl!  We thank you all!  On that note I'm thinking I need to ask for prayers that she would GO TO SLEEP!  She's chattering away And saying mommy...every little bit.  I told her she needs to go to sleep to which she answered "I don't want to go to sleep". So I said then just lay there and be quiet.  " I don't want to be quiet, I want to talk to you".   Yeah I noticed.  She was trying to tell me something earlier and I interrupted her to try to help her story along and she told me shhhh and put her hand on my mouth so I couldn't talk.

We ate supper at the restaraunt downstairs and she proceeded to charm all the people there.  She merrily said Hi to everyone going in, and bye see ya to everyone going out.  The chef made her scrambled eggs...and the waitress made me some fresh decaf coffee:) ahhhhh!   Iley snarfed the eggs! They did look real eggs and not the blobs of yellow fluff she ate at the hospital.  Then she ate a whole banana when we got back to the room.

She is doing amazing, and I will keep you all updated as I can.

Wren is doing good at home least that's the report I am getting.....they could be fibbing to save me from worrying....I've also heard that she is eating up the individual attention and enjoying having personal slaves.    She was a little weepy this morning,  and really glad to see her daddy tonight.  He showed her pictures of iley in the hospital and told her we would be coming home soon.  Hopefully she understood a little.

Ok this was started last night and now I am adding to it.  Please pray for my mother!  She is staying with my kids, and she is sick:(. Throwing up,   Ugh!

Iley is still doing awesome!  She's coughing more today....which I think is pretty normal.  And a  good thing cause she's coughing all that junk out.  She,s up playing and chirping.  We went down to the restaurant downstairs for breakfast then walked over to the hospital to get the baby aspirin we forgot to get yesterday.  (She has to take a half of one everyday as a blood thinner.) I pushed her around in one of the hundreds of wheel chairs.  They are literally lined up!  We visited the gift shop and tried on all the hats, and played with all the toys....that's what they get for kicking us out so soon;). Hee hee.   I have lots of pictures but can't share with you:(.   We ate at the soup and sandwich joint for lunch and now she's playing with her toys and pretending to talk on the phone.

And that sums up our exciting existence right now....zzzz


  1. My day is now hearing all your news...good stuff. So happy to hear all is going so well. I am so sorry about your mom, I will pray for her, not fun being sick. What a busy life you have, bless you for serving. Will continue to pray.

  2. I'm so happy Iley is doing so well!! I've been following everything and praying and hoping that all would go well for her. I sure hope your mom gets better soon :(

  3. woo hoo! 5 Days? Amazing!! So happy sweet Iley is recovering so well!

  4. Wow. How did I miss this until now? Wonderful, wonderful that she is doing okay~

    Praise God.

    Praying for everything to continue to go well.

    Sorry you had to get stuck in a hotel though-- :(:(

  5. Wow, I didn't realize I was this far behind! I thank God for his hand on Iley and you during this time!