Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Iley is in surgery

Hello everyone,
We are sitting in the waiting room at Mayo.  iley went into surgery at 9:30am.  I was able to go back to the surgery room with her till she went to sleep.  She was her chipper little self up till they put the happy gas on her.  She even asked for a GREEN  mask like moms.  I had to put on a blue suit and hat and shoe covers.  

I was doing really well till they put the mask on her.  She started to fight it...which they said she would do....then she went to sleep.  She just looked so tiny and vulnerable...and it just hit me how trusting she went in there....trusting that everything would be ok cause mommy is here with me and will take care of me.....what will she think when she wakes up in the shape she will be in?  I,m praying that she will somehow understand.

They came in and told us that they started surgery at 10:45am.  They put her on the heart lung machine at 11:14am to do the main part of the surgery.  We are waiting and praying to hear how it went.  

 She went with me to the gift shop yesterday to pick out a "bear"  Like Wren got when she had surgery.  She wasn't interested in any of them until we got to a little stuffed giraffe.  Then she was very sure that's what she wanted!  So I told her I would bring it to her as soon as the doctor was done fixing her heart. She also picked out a helium balloon.  I tried to interest her in one with Winnie the Pooh and tigger...but she was so so on them until she saw a solid purple one shaped like a star.  THAT was the one!   She's been asked about them till the nurse came in to take her back.  The giraffe and balloon are purchased:) and waiting.

Thank you all for standing with us in prayer!  We know The Lord is in control and HIS WILL will be done.  Trusting Him whatever the outcome


  1. Lifting up Iley as they operate and you as your wait! Praying for a good recovery without complications!

  2. I remember that feeling of seeing that tiny little thing going through the doors and away from me. God is so good to have a good plan for our little ones, Judy. He brings love and healing and guides the Dr.s hands. The doctors are so skilled too. Isn't it amazing what they can do?