Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Iley is Home:)

We are back!!!!  with pictures:) Yay!  blogs with no pictures are so boring huh!  Iley was so ready to get home and see sister!  She talked about her alot.  Wren was so happy to see her and me too!  She clung around my neck and just petted my hair and giggled....hugged and kissed me repeatedly......then got down and got right to playing girl stuff with Iley.  They both needed each other!  Grandma got very weary of playing house......and I got very weary of entertaining the Cricket.  We were both very glad to let them entertain each other!

 The MUCH coveted purple star much so....that we called the big boys who were in Hays and said "Please go back to Wal-mart and buy another balloon!!!"  They did....and now all is well:) whew!

 We got home from Denver (that's where we flew into) on Saturday around 2:00ish Then 4 hr. drive home..... and left for Hays around 5:30pm. so all in all we drove about 6 hours on Saturday!!  Crazy!  The whole gang went along.  We ate at our favorite Mexican joint and got some groceries at Wally world.  Kyndahls dress needed ironing in a hurry so Sherman was helping her out with the hair worked....sort of.
I have lots more pictures of Iley's hospital time.  I will try to get them up soon.  Until then, thank you each one who prayed for Iley, Troy and I,  and everyone at home!   We are so blessed to have a body of believers to stand with us.  Iley continues to amaze us with her resiliency:)   


  1. Iley looks so perky and great. Amazing that her little heart and body could recover so quickly.


  2. What an amazing healing and recovery for your little princess, Iley!