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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Morning, 2012

Christmas Morning was started with a prayer of thanksgiving to The Giver of all things good who gave us the very BEST gift so many years ago.  Then the kids (who were all secretly peaking during the prayer and wishing Dad would pray faster...or shorter.....) opened their stockings.  Kyndahl had to work on Christmas Day so she wasn't here to watch, and Thatcher wasn't here.....cause Kyndahl wasn't here....and he didn't want to get up at 8:00am.    Ash and Ella attended with Ella behind the camera.

When they started, Wren was not sure about it.  We put her stocking beside her on Dad's lap but she just gave us the hand.  Uh Uh....not interested....she was still a little peeved at me cause I made her put her "ears" on.

 The boy's were pleased with their new gloves that don't let the snow in.

 And Wren......once she figured out that Iley was pulling some fun looking stuff out of her stocking.....decided that maybe she should check hers out.

Hair Dryer!


Curling iron.

Demonstrating what how the perfume bottle works....their mother doesn't have any fancy perfume like this:)

These 3 got beef sticks......Iley got a bag of gummy lifesavers.

In the hands of a boy......anything can become a weapon!  Good grief!

I felt so bad.....the big kids didn't get any stockings...or presents this year:(  With all the medical expenses, and travel expenses with surgeries and 2 just wasn't possible.  They were good sports about it all.  We are blessed with some pretty amazing kids:)

one of the observers

Very pleased with her beef stick and cheese......pass the protein please!

The reason we hide the real scissors!

Harrison dutifully applying lip gloss.

Then it was time to unwrap gifts.......and this forgetful like, OH NO....I forgot to wrap the presents from the girls to give Harrison and Sherman!  So we went into the den and they "helped" me wrap them quick.

They picked out the wrapping paper.

....and Wren was very helpful unrolling plenty of paper for us.

....and holding it down while I cut it.

.......and rolling it back up when we were done.....

....others were content to watch while keeping a tight grip on their gummy lifesavers.

Does this help if I put my foot here? so much.

Applying the tape.....almost done.

Now I'll help you unwrap it.

...and take the trash to the trash can...

I think these were the first wrapped gifts they had received.  Most or all of the gifts they had been given upon arrival were in gift bags.  They were a little unsure of how to get into these:)

What's she doing over there.

Now I'm catching on........

...what's in your box?

Boots.  I think this wild child tomboy was hoping for a gun.

Trying on my boots while I have a little snack here.....

The gift unwrapping crew.

DUCT TAPE!!!  YES!!!  This was from Ella to Sherman for letting Harrison sleep in his room because she was sleeping in Harrisons.  She got Harrison a book he wanted for letting her use his room.  They were both happy:)



  1. I absolutly LOVE your family picture!! And what a fun Christmas!!

  2. Beautiful family. Everyone looks so happy and cozy. Love you guys!