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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Decorations...Better Late Than None

Well.....actually some people would probably vote for none rather than ours......BUT......the kids had so much fun putting them up that I just let them put up what they liked.....and that's the important part..right?.....painful as it is.

We started the morning yesterday in a Santa hat and the stockings.  Then Sherman BEGGED MERCILESSLY to put up the Christmas Decorations.  If you know know the decorations ARE going up.  He is Relentless!  His appetite for MESS in any form is insatiable.  And Christmas decorations in any form are a MESS!  BUT....I made him dust the living room before they could go up...and clean his room....even though no decorations were going's just good parenting ya know....and a good stalling factor. 

Trying out the stockings.

 The persistent Happy Decorator at work putting lights on the bushes out front.

 He had much enthusiastic help.

 But then he went in to try to find more lights......and didn't come back......and didn't come we swung while we waited.......and the girls got cold, so we went and got gloves and hats.......

 ....and he still wasn't back yet...... we posed for a couple of pictures.......and our most lady like positions......

 ........and got bored.....(because ladylike is always boring)  so we wandered out to the snow patches.  Wren tried to scoop up some snow...but it was hard and icy.  This is the look she gave me:)

 She's pounding on it with her fists.

Then found a piece of ice in the bottom of the bucket and used it to carve with.  She's very resourceful if nothing else.

 ......never still.....she ran across every patch of icy and out of the trees....which was so fun to watch!  When she first got here, she could barely walk across the yard on the uneven she's running on icy snow:)....then she moved on to the trampoline...

 Poor Iley is not allowed to jump yet so she had to sit on the edge and watch.  Wren kept trying to get her to jump.  I had to tell her several times before she understood that because of her ouchie, Iley couldn't jump.  She brought her this ball as consolation I think:)

We finally had to go find Sherman as we were getting a little CHILLY.  He had got distracted and totally forgot the lights!!!  HELLO!!!! This was YOUR idea, and WE are the ones freezing!  Oh well they had fun in the snow.......their leggings and bottoms were wet.....but no lasting harm done.  After renewed searching the lights were discovered....and put up.....everyone was dutifully screeched at by Mom for NOT putting the boxes and other stuff that was dislodged in the mad hunt, away......and we moved on to the Nativity scene.  The girls thought we had brought out a new doll house and dolls to play with.  They were so excited!  But they were so excited with every thing.  They loved the little tree that they could put all the ornaments they made at school on, they loved the lights.....they loved the TACKY old wreath Sherman drug out and hung by the back door.   Wren has rearranged her ornaments.....and probably Iley's...... MULTIPLE times already.....and will continue to until the tree is taken down I'm sure.

Wren looks like she's making a chess move here.


 There was MUCH confusion in Bethlehem tonight.

 Baby Jesus had his first camel ride.....the wise man got to hold him...Joseph gave him a piggy back ride....the animals took over the stable leaving the poor baby out in the snow........

 Did you know the manger makes a great sled?

After we got this all set up it was time to sweep up all the dirt and flakies (is that even a word?) from the packaging.....I put the sweeper away just as Ella arrived with Troy's brother Kip and his family, from Ohio.  Kips are hosting a boy from Russia for the Holidays.  It was so fun to meet him, but poor kid, he was a little overwhelmed at the masses of people congregated at our house!!!  I mean shucks.....I'M a little overwhelmed by the masses of people congregated at my house some days!  I can't imagine how He felt!  There were ONLY 15 of us....10 that were new to him and none who spoke Russian...... all smiling and staring......I'm sure he wanted to BOLT! 

May the Lord Bless each of you this Christmas.  May we each develop a deeper relationship with our God and grow more like Jesus each day.  Our Love to each of you! 


  1. Love and blessings to all of you from all of us!! Enjoy your family! d,j,a,a,a

  2. Merry Christmas to my dear far-away relations!!!

    You have no idea how much we are missing you this Christmas is the only Christmas that I have ever not spent with you, Judy.

    Now enough of the pity-party. I am drying my tears and loving the blog pictures! The descriptions were perfect! I am completely visualizing everything! I do have a few pressing questions...#1 What is the green stuff in the stable that looks like Oobleck?? #2 Where is Harrison during all this hurley-burley? #3 Do the little girls have their own stockings? I know you made the boys. Maybe they should have Ash and Thatch's....:)

    Wishing you the best this Christmas! Mom and Dad are coming over tomorrow for Christmas dinner, so it won't be so lonely for them or us. Hug everyone for me!!

    Keep on moving baby Jesus around...He's for everybody, you know! We all need to be able to get our hands on HIM!

    Aunt G

    1. WAAAAAhhhhh! sniff sniff! Way to make a girl cry:( I MISS you ALL too!!! Next year!!!

      #1. Are you dissing my decorations??? the nerve! the "green stuff" is MOSS.....the wood people on the wood stable is so...blah....and it was handy.....sooooo.....Wah la. COLOR. It does look odd in the pictures....but better in real life.........I think.
      #2. Harrison was playing a new game they installed on the ipad.....dead to the real world. He DID resurface a couple of times..and he was the one who actually FOUND the extra lights. Sherm just totally mangled the ENTIRE attic in the search. Harrison opened the first bag...and there they were!
      #3. The girls do not have their own...made just for them....stockings. They have inherited Ash and Thatchs:( Which is kind of sad...because they didn't get any this year.....but a good thing, since I didn't have time to shop for all of them!

      MUCH love and lots of HUGS to you all!

  3. Life at your house is SO real and I love it so much. Loving the Nativity scenes.

    Merry CHRISTmas to your sweet family. Have a wonderful week with family. Love you all!