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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa D's

On Christmas Eve, Troy's 3 brothers and their families...and us..... all got together at their parents house.  They had tables set up in the garage for all 27 of us.  It worked out great as the garage is right off the kitchen. 

 This is the gang that was always first in line for 2nds.  They had to wait their turn to get in line the first time.....but even if they went through last.....they still seemed to manage to get 2nds first:)
Sherman, Teague, Mckell, Dima, Harrison

 These 2 little guys were best buddies all week:)  So cute to watch.  One lives in KS, one in OH, so they don't get to see each other too often.

Quinn, Hans, and Sherman on the end.

 Kaci and Evie


Wren and Aunt Dixie
Wren seemed to do a revolving lap route.  Whoever was closest to the action...that's where she was perched.
 Mckell, Kaci, Wren

 Harrison, Ash, Ella

 Waiting very impatiently to open gifts.  She carried hers in to the table and said, "This a Mine present, Iley's"

 While Dad was reading a Christmas story to everyone...Wren was laying here looking at the cat on the patio.

 Quinn is the youngest grandchild so he got to open the first present.

 Then it was Han's turn.

 Then was Iley;s.

 Then Wren's.  She was very happy with her stroller that was big enough for her and Iley to ride in.

 She's signing "scissors"
 Then Grace.

 and then it was Kaci but we missed her some how:(  Evie was next. Then the boys who got missed too.  Sherman got his Duct tape he wanted....8 rolls + 2 from Ella for a grand total of 10:)  He's already made 2 wallets, a little coin purse for me, mended the sleds....taped the bottom of his socks so he didnt' get holes.....endless possibilities!

 Dima, a sweet boy from Ukraine, came with Kips.  They were hosting him for the holidays.  So  fun to have him with us.

 Initiated fully into the world of little girls??

 Each family got Zip Lines from Grandpa and Grandma.

 The kids had LOTS of fun sledding!  The moms all moaned at the thought of getting 13 kids dressed in snow coats and hats and gloves and boots....and then keeping it all straight...who's is who's.....and hung up and dry.....and the mess out of Grandma's house!! normal...hopping the first sled going down......even if it's already occupied!

 There was an opening in the fence at the bottom that if you were on the right sled....and could guide could get a little longer run by going through:)  I don't think this one made it.



Harrison, Iley, then Wren on top.  WHY is the Heart surgery patient in the middle......ok....why is the heart surgery patient sledding at all might be the better question.  Answer...she doesn't act like a heart surgery patient!!  She loved it, and doesn't seem a bit worse for the experience.

 Sherman with Brook close behind........

 ....he fell off and she stopped just in time.

 Kaci and Wren

 Kaci and Iley

 Hitching a ride up the hill with Uncle Kip.

 Mckell, Evie, Brooke and Harrison

 That night we had chicken wings for say the girls thoroughly enjoyed them would be an understatement!  They each had at least 5.  They were a very happy MESS!  Check out the bone plate by Wrens arm....they picked them CLEAN...gristle and all!

Let's see this was Wednesday I think......Grandma and Grandpa rented some horses and arena from a local horse farm for the kids to ride.  They had a lot of fun.  Kaci added to her ensemble from the dress up trunk.....her mom was not overly impressed:)LOL 

 Brooke was one of the only ones who actually knew how to ride a horse.  She was great help, and spent a lot of time leading the other kids around!

 NEWS FLASH!!!!  Iley actually got on a horse!!!  TWICE!!!  Shock!  I figured she wouldn't even come out into the arena!  She wouldn't pet it though.  Even from up on top.  I tried to get her to pet it's neck but NO way.

 Dima had SO much fun!  He loved it and loved this hat!  I think Han's donated it to him permanently.

 The picture is not blurry.......that's dust in the air! 
 Wren liked it of course...she probably would have liked it even better if we would have ran.  I think she liked sledding the best though.

 Wren had her class picture out drawing her class mates:) 

 Looks just like them dontcha think?

 This is how Wren and Iley spent most of the week.....being packed around by all the big cousins and Aunts and Uncles.  It's no wonder that today with everyone gone, they can't seem to find a thing to do.

 The girls did some of this......

The boys did a lot of this.

 More being packed around!

 Sherman's Duct tape stash.

 My coin purse he made me.  It even has a cool twist tie closer tab.

 These 4 kids were all 5 years old.  Their birthdays are Feb. to May difference in age.  Wren is the oldest, then Iley, then Hans, then Quinn.

 Here they are lined up by size.

The girls had so much fun with all their cousins and family. 


  1. Looks like a fun family Christmas!

  2. Enjoyed all the pictures. Especially of the girls eating wings!! :)

  3. Fun Fun Memories!! Love the chicken wing pics! And what a fun sledding group!