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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, December 21, 2012

Beard Update

Remember the Beard that Thatcher was growing until the wedding?  Well he must have decided that it was as long as it was going to get.......He finally shaved it off!  Kyndahl was doing a happy dance....and offered to shave it for him...she said "I shave old men's faces all the time"....(she works at the hospital & worked at the long term care for a while)....he didn't accept the offer..... must have been some "men's ritual" they had to do it themselves?

BEFORE.. (Duck Dynasty wanna be's?)
 AFTER!! Mucho Better:)

 OOOH Sooo NOT pretty!

 Nope....NOT pretty either.....

Much Better!

 The girls love all the boy's friends.  The more people to hold us and pack us around the better is their motto!  Iley and Isaac.

 Wren and Isaac.

 Good night kisses for big brother Thatch

Equally PINK lips:):)  So thankful!

 These were taken out the was cold.....and I didn't want to find all the necessary clothing to go out sorry about the extra poor quality.

Wren loved the snow, but then she just loves being outside period.  Iley liked it for a little bit but then got too cold and came back in.  She's much like a cat.....always finding the cozy comfortable spot.

We got Wren to make a sssssss sound last night!!  That was exciting!  We are working on the L sound, and she can do the Ma Ma Ma sound pretty consistently.  I'm going to take her to the doctor soon though to have them look at her tongue.  I'm pretty sure it's tied.  She CAN stick it out....but only a little.  If you compare hers and Iley's....a world of difference.  We had her put her tongue on the top of her mouth and I lifted it can't hardly!  It is tight.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Does it impede speech? Eating?  would that be why she can't suck out of a sports bottle?  She can drink from a straw.

We also had a conversation of sorts tonight.....Wren and I (she signed, I signed and talked)
Mom:  Pickle....(pointing to the big dill pickle she was eating)  Mommy not like.
Wren:  I Like:)
Wren: Mommy not like.
Mom:  NO mommy not like.

I know  for any of you with 5 yr olds this seems really elementary!  But for a child with Zero language of any kind until 8 months ago...and no interest in using her little noggin for language for several months.....this made this mama very happy!  She is signing more all the time and hearing more and more environmental sounds.  We are working on spoken language too.  She will turn her head and look at me every now and then when I call her name.  It kind of depends on what she's doing, and how absorbed in it she is. 

We sat for almost an hour and looked at pictures on the computer today, Wren and Iley and Me.  I said the names of everyone over and over and over....and signed and said what was going on in the pictures.  Wren sat and listened the entire time.  Every now and then she would sign something.....but mostly she just sat and least I hope!

I'm reading a book called Children of Silence.  I have many times wondered whether Wren's behaviors  were caused by deafness, institutionalism, or R.A.D.  I'm pretty sure most of it is caused by the fact that she's deaf.  I could relate to SO SO much of what this mother was dealing with..and feeling... and her child had been loved and nurtured by her since birth.  It is hard to read...and makes me tired......but I can't stop reading it either.  To Quote one paragraph..."I was beset with self-doubt.  Is this the right way to do it?  What shall I do next?  Is there something more I could have done, more I could have said?"    This is THE hardest part about adopting kids with no language! They can't tell you what they want, and so many things are misunderstood.  It was X's 2... for months..... until Iley caught on to English and could communicate.  She is so much happier now.  She used to whine..a LOT.... and just be discontent.  I know Wren must feel bottled up and misunderstood most of the time, because on those rare instances that I totally "get" what she's telling me and sign it back to makes her SO happy.  It's like an endless game of charades.......and I am so tired of Charades.  But there is HOPE, and tomorrow is another day. SO...... I will rest in the promise of my God:  I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord:  Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

Iley is still doing wonderful!  I think she may have a little more energy than before....and she was NOT lacking for energy then.


  1. So excited to hear of Wren's progress! Don't know much about the tongue tied problem but makes sense that it could be a problem. Like the new look on Thatcher!! :) Blessings!

  2. Love the new shaved look! What a blessing to hear that Iley continues to do well and that Wren is hearing more and responding!

    I admire you for all that you have done with the girls!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Yea for the "SSSSSS!" so exciting!! :)

  4. Oh, I would be very hesitant to clip her tongue. We did with Dez and later found out that her speech therapist doesn't recommend did not help one bit. It can make sucking very hard for some kiddos and doesn't affect others at all!! If you ask 7 professionals about frenuloplasty (tongue clipping) you will likely get 7 different answers. Also Dez was so used to her tongue being that way that she still wouldn't use it and it reattached!

  5. Shaking my head again at our parallel lives. Maxim also was tongue tied. Our dentist noticed it at his first dentist visit. I talked to his doctor who said to clip it, so during his CI surgery, the ENT clipped it. He still can't stick out his tongue much, and I've wondered if some of the sounds he has trouble with are due to low tongue muscle control because of it, but he has more flexibility with it than before. Who knows if it helped. I've since heard it may or may not make a difference.

    We are glad we did. Maxim is a boy. He is just happy to be able to stick out his tongue when he needs to.