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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Lunch Club

Our Regular Sunday one.  We had the privilege of having on of  Thatcher's oldest friends
here for lunch today.  He is visiting from Ohio and will be here the rest of the week.  The only problem is he didn't bring his mom and dad....some of Troy and My's oldest friends.....along with him.  

The girls both looked so cute for church this morning.....of course I didn't get a picture..... but had already changed into play clothes when these were taken:(

She looks quite comfy...and pleased with herself perched up there don't she!

 My walls are NOT yellow.....but her tights are.

 Sherm Sherm

 Kynie and Scout

 Harrison and Kyn

 Jensen got initiated into the family.......they are always up for more adoring pack mules, people with cell phones and jungle gyms fans.

Biggest brother Ash jumped with let them jump ON him.

 If I want to get a REALLY GOOD smile out of him..........

 I just say Ellllllla.....:)

Wren was hoarse tonight from vocalising ALL DAY!  I think she made a kind of bird chirp Ahh noise with every step she took today.  I don't know if it's because she is hearing herself more?  She's never done it before. She's usually pretty quiet.  Maybe she's trying to drown out all the other noise? 

Kyndahl took the girls with her to the apartment she's getting all fixed up for her and Thatcher.  Thatcher already lives there, so she's able to go in and start getting things situated. The girls love to go places, and they love to go to Kyndahls.  Iley tells her "this is a kynals bed, this is a kynals house, this is a kynals kitchen....but this is a Iley's toys."  She also put on Kyndahls name tag with her picture from the hospital where she works and said "now I'm a Kynal"  They had already made one trip to town and the girls were merrily helping her carry stuff for the next trip....they  had just got settled in the car to go with her again.......when Thatcher called and said he was at the ER and could she come and bring his insurance card.  His gun kicked back on him while hunting, and the scope caught him right above his eye.  He ended up with 8 stitches!  I have already considered postponing family pictures over Thanksgiving because of his beard he's going to have stitches in his head!  Kyndahl wasn't very happy with him either...not so great for wedding pictures!!  So the girls had to stay home.....which I could explain to Iley.....that Kyndahl had to go to the doctor because Thatcher had an ouchie on his head.... I signed all that to Wren too....but....I'm not sure how much she understood.....It just made her mad at me cause I made her get out of the car.  She didn't throw a fit though!! Yay!    She was just so disappointed, and cried a little, and wouldn't let me hold her or love on her.  In cases like this I have found distraction is the best option.  So I went upstairs and, doctor, school......let her tuck me in bed like we do her....with all the normal routine.....she didn't forget a single step of it!  She even went down and got their cups and brought Iley and me a drink...their cups from lunch...I pretended to drink....cause I don't do floaties:(   

I think that was about it for the day.

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  1. You have never got to play house with your children before so how fun. :) Well maybe you played house with your boys i don't know. Anyway how cute that Wren was tucking you in and taking care of you. I'm sure they loved having you up there playing with them. Might have had so much fun they will always want you in on their play house time. :) So exciting for Wren to be hearing and liking it. Sounds positive so far and will keep praying for positive results. Blessings on your week ahead.