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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ok Ok Ok

I am back.  I've had several emails and texts asking if we are ok and alive.  Yes we are alive......ok is relative:)   It's been a really busy week...whew.  Monday, is always laundry and catch up day, then I went to Hays with Kyndahl for her final wedding dress fitting.  Tuesday Wren had an appointment in Kansas City (5hrs each case you forgot) at the Audiologist for another mapping session.  We got 3 more settings for her implants.  There isn't a whole lot of news there....just continuing to draw her attention to every sound we think of.  The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur. 

This is on Wednesday morning before Mrs. Kay picks Wren up.  She hasn't had her C.I.'s on long.  This is the first day to school with the higher setting.  You can tell by these next few pictures that she is a little tense, and not loving it.

 She was really touchy with Iley too.  Just a little "raw".  Poor baby.

 Look at this poor baby's eyes!  She is still NOT feeling too chipper.
 Oh that crazy door!  If it didn't have the lovely cord running might latch.  The cord has to be there this old farm house.....there are NO outlets in the bathroom!

 Wren was much happier when she got home at lunch time.  Her note from Mrs. Kay said she worked pretty well but towards the end she started asking for mom.

 This is after school on Wednesday......she came home one cranky poodle!  She went and laid on the couch with out being told to.  She really didn't feel very good.....still.

 The next time I checked on her.......I found this.  This girl NEVER naps!  Not a good sign.

 By Friday.....she's lookin much better!

 Wren's prescool teacher sent me this picture Thursday in an email saying that Wren heard the CD player and wanted to listen to it.  YAY!  Over all she had a really good week.  I think we are seeing less stubborn spells and more cooperation overall.  Progress!  baby steps....but .....Progress!


  1. Judy, I love the photo of Wren holding up the CD player listening! What progress, it is such a joy to share in these wonderful moments!

    How exciting to go to the wedding dress fitting! What a sweet blessing for you and Kyndhal!

    Poor little Iley, it hurts us as mama's to see our babies sick!

    Hang in have such a busy season ahead of you! Thank you for sharing with us your faithful readers and friends. Oh to be closer so that we could share a cup of coffee and grown up girl fellowship!

  2. To good to see you back and glad everything is ok, I was wondering a little myself. Was missing my entertainment. So good to see good results with Wrens hearing. Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.