Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October 31st

I won't name this post Halloween......not because of religious reasons......just because it doesn't really earn that title.  This was about the extent of our costumes.  Harrison did this before school, and when they were ready to go trick or treating, Sherman colored his......and then they both added mustaches......painted on by mom (see  I did help a little with their costumes)  I decided NOT to introduce the girls to trick or treating yet.  They don't need the candy...and don't know they are missing anything yet.  Is that mean?  Or maybe just lazy on my part?

 This is before Wrens teacher comes to get her.  She had had her processors on for about 5 minutes here.  When I first put them on.... until she adapts to them.....she always kind of juts out her bottom jaw like this??  I don't know if it's because of the sound....or if she's afraid the processors will fall off?  Or it feels weird?  She did this for several days after her surgery too.
 It's not REAL noticable....but if you know her well, she is doing it in most of these pictures.

 We are struggling to get Iley to "smile" for pictures.   She tries........

 Or just hams it up.  This was after Wren had left for her signing class......I usually wait till Wren leaves to get Iley ready.  It saves just get one ready at a time.

 I told her turn around so mommy can see your cute kitty shirt....still no smile.
 Wrens home!!!!  Iley always goes out to meet her.  She always comes bursting in with a bang!

 Mom has been spotted....I'm about to get tackled, so have to snap time for focus and lighting.  Notice Iley in the background warily letting the dogs past her:)  She still doesn;t love them, but she isn't afraid to be in the same room with them now at least.

 This doesn't look at all like a "stand there and smile" picture does it?

 Wren was trying to hitch Iley to her stroller.  They were both inside the "reins"  Not sure how this will work out.

 Iley dutifully went marching off........

 ......but then Wren decided to switch directions on her..........then the string came untied....just as well, things were getting a bit tangled.

Chatting over lunch.  Yes it's hot dogs.....don't judge.  They also had a banana and yogurt...I get points for those don't I??


  1. Love how you dress your little darlings, they are just so adorable. Love how they share their little eating table. We are learning in our Love and Respect Study, that us girls like to connect face to face...this is another it. Tomorrow can not get here fast enough...more face to face girl time with my best girls.