Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Not Much Doin

Friday's are always a much needed "free" day.  They love the no routine, no where to go,  freedom of Fridays.  It was a beautiful day and they spent most of it outside.....moving sand from one area to another....with the cookie sheet....the wash tub.....and when that wasn't efficient enough.....the big orange wheel barrow.  Our determined Lil Scout, man handles it no problem....and Miss Cricket...just lets her.  They usually play so well together too when the boys are gone.  When the boys are home....Wren won't relax and just play with Iley.  She has to be watching them constantly and worrying that they are going to "leave" her.  She LOVES her big brothers, and wants to go everywhere with them......MUCH to their dismay most of the time.  They DO ditch, escape, leave her occasionally...which causes MAJOR melt downs and tears! 

 Sherman had an appointment with the dermatologist at Children's Hosp. of Colorado on Friday to get a 2nd opinion on the glomangioma on his back.  It's a mass of blood vessels, we had biopsied a couple of years ago, but it has gotten really sensitive, and we wanted to find out if there was anything to do to get rid of it.  We are waiting to hear back from the dermatologist for recommended treatment options. It's nothing life threatening......just annoying to him.

Harrison stayed home and went to school....then played with the littles. He is such a wonderful big brother! (most of the time)  They all had to have hats on...Iley wanted the green one!!  She likes had nothing to do with the fact that it was John Deere....sorry Grandpa.

 This girlie has been sick the last two days:(  I think it actually started on Thursday.  She was just "off"  She didn't eat lunch and didn't want to go to school.  Something about her eyes just didn't look right.  She didn't have the usual sparkle of mischief.  Friday she played all day with Wren.....but those eyes had me wondering???......Saturday there was no doubt.  She had fever and was just a "poor honey".  So... she's had much holding...and loving on.....and to say she's been milking it for all it's worth....would be an understatement!  Oh well when you consider all the years she probably lay in a crib alone, with no mama to hold her when she was sick........we are glad we are privileged to have the chance to pamper her a little.  She is all snuggled down to the bottom of mama's bed where the heat pad is.  Snug as a bug in a rug.

After a 2-1/2 hr. nap, she was feeling a little better...and polished off 2 bowls of Capt. Crunch.

  And you can tell these eyes still aren't great...but she played with pipe cleaners with the boys.

.....a little bling for the glasses.....
 ......a little bling for the hands.......

 .....and this......we are not sure what to call it.....I THINK it's a monocle??  Although I've never seen one quite like it.... 

 Troy is cooking up a pot of Green Chile.  He loves this stuff... it literally runs me out of the kitchen choking when he makes it!  It burns your throat, and makes your eyes and nose water.....look he even has to open the windows!....he mostly eats it alone....although we do get a few requests for it .....from a few of his equally taste bud fried, guys know who you are.....  And then there's "Linus" with her blanket.....looking for someone to hold her.
Praying this baby gets well soon...I'm afraid it's going into a cold:( ugh!

Yesterday Wren asked for her C.I's while she was in the tub!!!!  YAY!   I love that she wanted them on!  I immediately switched the head pieces to the waterproof ones, and put them on!  Thank you Lord!  Praying her desire to hear and learn increases daily.


  1. Would LOVE to be close enough to hold & love on 'Linus' for a couple of hours. . . . & visit with her momma. . . . & help you clean, or whatever you are doin'. . .. :) :) xoxo

  2. Denise,


    Love ya mommy.....

    1. Hey hey hey!!! I bet she's been to your house since she's been to mine! It's my turn:) Oh yeah.....I guess she IS YOUR mom:) Well hugs to you both!