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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, November 9, 2012

I was Wednesday Morning......Ash stopped by and had breakfast with the girls.  He didn't stop by TO have breakfast, but the girls were eating and he sat down next to Wren.  Well that didn't suit miss Cricket AT ALL!  She starts pointing to the spot between them and saying "sit here"  "oshalee sit hewe"  So he squeezed between them.....he hadn't had breakfast so I brought him a bowl and a spoon.

 As you can see.....he doesn't have much elbow room!

 ......and he was a bit distracted texting someone?

 I sat down next to Iley and we all had blue bowls, so they had to sign "same" and "lined up"

 I'm assuming this is her baby carrier?.......she looks more like a ballgame vendor.  She rigged this up herself!  She is forever finding ways to haul more stuff!
 I told Ash...."I'm not sure if she likes you ......or your phone"......?
 They make it a little hard to see your screen!
 She loves hair!  See her petting his arm!  She does this without even thinking.  She's loves skin too.  I wonder if it's because of a sensory loss....she's more sensitive to touch.
 Miss Cricket wasn't getting any attention so put her napkin on her head and said "momma  Pishure"
 This was Thursday morning.  I heard them upstairs playing.... they were so happily occupied that I hated to interrupt......but it was time for school.

 I'm telling them....come on we have to go.....time for Mrs. Kay to come......but they are much more worried about getting their babies tucked in.  They  covered them up....kissed them each one.....and told them/signed....''I Love You"  ....THEN came downstairs with me......On school days I feel like all I do is tell them HURRY UP!  LET"S GO!

 They always ride their bikes while waiting for Mrs. Kay.

 After Wren left......wonder of wonders.......Iley stayed herself. with. the dog! and played for almost a half hour!

 Granted......the dog wasn't very close....but he was her only company.

 bath time and a new discovery.....if I leave my shirt part way on...I look hilarious!  I'll dance a jig to go with it!  There's a full length mirror on the back of the door ....perfect for viewing yourself.

 And of course.......we do everything by twos!

  on another note, Wren seems to be "hearing" more each day.  She accidentally flipped on the garbage disposal and looked toward the sink with big eyes and made a ahh! sound.  The teachers say she is paying attention better at school and seems more interested.  Also that she heard some animal sounds. (not sure what it was...a person or a game?)  Please everyone KEEP PRAYING for her:)

And a Sherman Quote for you:
The reason I hate country music~ "It's all about Beer, Love and trucks.......and sometimes tractors......  OH....and back home, KY, TX, and divorce.  But mostly Beer and love."

He also told Thatcher who was singing "you sound horrible"  We all laughed....he's nothing if not honest.....He looks at us and says "why are you laughing?"  "Did you not think the same thing!?"  Which made us laugh even harder!

I promised him I wouldn't put the rest of the conversation on here....he said all his cousins and friends would drive him crazy......Troy says...."we'll see if she listens"  Sherman says "if she doesn't she's a liar!"  "I thought I could trust my mother!"  You can Sherman you can!  So my lips are sealed.   So no bugging him girls! 
Love This Boy!


  1. Yay! that she is hearing more! This is good news.
    Tell Sherman it would be a lot more fun if we could hear the rest of the conversation. ;P

    1. It would! He's so hilarious....without even trying to be. He says exactly what he thinks. Which so many times is what we are thinking but are too polite to say!LOL Sometimes he just has his own perspective too. But what you see is what you get. No cool act with him....yet.

  2. Your blog makes me happy! I love seeing the girls being girls and having those fun silly moments!

  3. Oh, I am so glad that Wren is starting to connect with sound, wanting her implants on. Her brain is starting to do its work to make sense of the signals it is getting. Cheers for her, and cheers for you as you work with her to make it meaningful!