Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm feeling Blessed this morning!  Surrounded by family and friends, with two new daughters and daughter-in-laws (soon to be), to share Turkey with for the first time, Plus all my boys, and everyone in the family in good health.......Blessed indeed.

Ella got here late last glad to have her:)...and we are not alone:)

We have friends here from Colorado to celebrate with us as well.  Welcome Mark, Emily, Isaiah, and baby Malakai.  That baby by the way.....looks SO MUCH like Sherman did at that age!  It's so cute cause Sherman just loves him.   He's asked to hold him several times.  I have a picture of them blogger patrol....or whatever determines things about the blog.....won't let me load any more says I've exceeded my storage limit????  WHAT??? I've only put a few pictures on....really!  So they are saying I have to buy more until I get a few minutes to figure out exactly how to do have to just listen to me ramble...sorry folks, I know that isn't nearly as nice as cute little brown people.

Wren is starting to vocalize.....A in we are nearly going bonkers listening!!!  It sounds like CAW CAW CAW AW AW AW AW AW CAW AW.........ALL. DAY. LONG. I hear her upstairs....outside......right next to me...on and on and on.......until the implants are off.  Then she stops.  (Mom and will understand know in the James Harriot book when the dog howls in the car the entire trip......uh huh! That's what it's like!)  The audiologist (yes I emailed her...hoping she would say try to make her be quiet.....she said...NORMAL..and..GOOD.....good for who???) ACK!
But on a better note, she cooperated well with the speech teachers at school and even imitated some of the sounds they were making!!! The audiologist said AMAZING! and Wonderful!  So we are hopeful, and will try to brace ourselves for the added noise that goes along with progress.

Iley is doing fine.....still trying to get over the nasty cold or flu she had.  She's much better but still seems to get tired easier.  I was looking for her yesterday....all of a sudden in the middle of the Chaos I couldn't find her....she had went upstairs and crawled in her bed and was sound asleep!  unheard of! 

I hope to update soon with pictures......until then..Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!


  1. So glad to hear positive news from Wren! I know, easy for me to say when I'm not hearing the added noise! Hopefully, with time & development it will be easier to tolerate :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! sounds like you had everything to enjoy a wonderful day!

  2. I can't imagine being able to hear sounds after so many years of nothing! Just think one day all those sounds will be words, and then sentences and a chance to communicate as she would never known in China.

    I hope Iley is feeling better! I love reading how your boys have embraced their little sisters!

    What a sweet wonderful family!