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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Thatcher!

My 2nd Son is 21!  I really don't think   he should be that old!  Seems like yesterday I was holding him looking at his worried little face while his big brother sqeezed him with relish. Or that when Aunt "Ditsie" called him sweetie he said "I'm not  your Fweetie"  She said then what are you?  He said "I'm not your nuffing"  And he was my lovie that said "i'm gonna mawwy you mama"  Now here he is getting married in two months!!! (not to his mama)   Some days I just want my babies back:(  But I'm so proud of the young men they've become.  Happy Birthday Fweetie!  Your mama loves you.......but she's glad you don't still want to marry her:)LOL  You picked a Fweetie for yourself:)

Still growing the beard......but pretty cute anyway:)

 This is an example of the norm.  Both girls piled on top.  But see how Iley is totally communicating, and knows exactly what is going on.....and Wren is in her own world.  She misses SO much!:(   She gets bored when there is just talking going on, and so entertains herself.  This hurts my heart.  She has her implants on, but her brain really has no idea what to do with the information yet.  Iley and Thatcher remind me of each other at 5 yrs.  Both were whiny noisy, and charming, and wanted to be lap ornaments.  They totally love each other, it makes Kyndahl so aggravated that Iley likes her...till Thatch shows up.  Then she won't have anything to do with her.

They were doctoring their dolls.  It was so cute....but I'm sure glad I'm not their patient!  They give some mean shots!

 The plunger was pumped multiple times on each appendage!

 This is a terrible picture but I was cracking up at Iley's use of the stethoscope.  She listened to each side carefully..................
 ......Then popped the ear peices out and flipped it around her neck like this!LOL  She's seen this done a few times:)  Cracks me up what they pick up and notice.

 Wren was much more interested in the blood pressure cuff......she had her pressure checked every two hours...all night.....after surgery.  She knows all about it! (on a side note....HOW do they sit like this?  My legs would pop off like Barbies! I'm sure.)

 Some serious hugging in the tub.

 They stayed in for almost 2 hours!  I finally had to MAKE them get out! The water was cold  and they were shivering!  Iley is BLUE!  I thought she might cry a couple of times.   I had to blow the hair dryer down her towel to warm her up! 

 Wren wasn't much better off, but she wasn't about to cry.

This going to make me crazy!  She's washing the windows......with the dog brush dipped in water.  My windows now look like frosted glass.  Lovely. (not that they were all that clean before....but at least we could see out of them!)


  1. I had to LOL at Wren cleaning the windows! Happy Birthday to Thatcher! I sure hope you will post wedding photos when it happens! What a blessing to have such fine older sons! Well done, Mom! (and dad)!

  2. Happy Birthday, Thatcher. Can't believe you are old enough to get married, what a sweetie you got. Oh, dear, I had to laugh...thinking about your legs popping off like a Barbies, I've seen that happen a time or two. I bet you could've done it when you were their age. Hope your house wasn't too bad when you got home last night. Thank Troy, for allowing us girls a beautiful day together, yesterday. I bet the girls were glad to see you home again. Missing you and Carol you much.