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Thursday, November 29, 2012

At the end of our Rope...

Literally! Ha Ha!  They asked to do this!  And they were having a did cross my mind that it might be a good arrangement next time I want to clean house..........??

 Ok....WARNING  If you are might not want to see the next picture!  This was the lovely "gift" my dogs so nicely left me right outside my back door:(  Blech!  Ash very kindly with his handy pliers....carried it off some where......BUT.....The cat came wouldn't stay was laying in the side yard....the very next day.....  Today it was just a leg on the step.  Two days ago.... it was a cow leg on the patio.  UM Hmmm.  Lovely.  And the dogs wonder why no one wants to pet them???  I've had a Whole cow leg that was bigger than the dogs.....a jack rabbit head....multiple rabbits......all left nicely like a peace offering.......I must be a really good pack leader ....with great hunters......why am I not feeling the love???  Oh and Then Thatcher calls and wonders if he can put the deer head he shot..... in my freezer!  Just what I the back door.....dead the freezer......dead animals.......well dead animals that are recognizable.......technically there are usually dead animals in there already;-) but........

Isn't this just what you want to see when you step out the door!

Ok moving on.....that was not a lovely post!  Update on Wren and Iley's speech progress.
The week started off a little rough for Wren.  We turned her C.I.'s up to the loudest program (still not full volume)  on Monday morning.  It must have been enough louder that she was a little sensitive.  She did really well with her Ling sounds ( ooh, ahh, S, sh, ...i forget the rest..)  She has two of them that she consistently mimics back to the teachers....some are still sketchy.  She's making really good progress with that.  But we also changed up her schedule a little at school, During playtime Mrs. Kay took her over to the preschool room to sign to her all the different "play time" sounds she was hearing.  We are labeling labeling labeling....with sign and voice everything she hears...trying to build her vocabulary bank.  When it was time to go home Mrs. Kay took her back over to the regular room they work in.....We aren't sure what set her off, but she had a major melt down and missed the bus!  Mrs. Kay brought her home.....and when I opened the door and held out my arms for her....BIG SILENT CROCODILE TEARS......started rolling!   I just sat and held her for a while.....I asked her if she was sad.....SOB SOB SOB......I guess that would be a yes.  She is so brave, and so smart, and we are asking an awful lot out of her!  She is an amazing little girl.  She does so well....but she gets overwhelmed some days.  Sometimes it comes out in STUBBORNESS...sometimes in tantrums...but when its silent agonizing tears......OH MY's many times she is like a 5 year old going on 20....but in these tender moments when she lets down that tough shell.......we see and remember the baby girl she really still is.  The amazing little girl that's had to......up until 8 months ago......fight the battles on her own.  It's not been easy for her to give up that control to us.  I was worried that she wouldn't want to go back to school in the afternoon, but after sitting and letting it all out, she was back to her happy self.    Tuesday her note said...."Had a wonderful day.  She worked great. Went to Mrs. Betzs room and left from there with the preschool class."  So maybe she didn't want to go back over and leave from the other room on Monday??    Wednesday said.."Had a fair day.  Mrs. Betz and I did sounds ...she did GREAT.  Wasn't really interested in doing much else today...Got some things done"  Then today....was " Had a pretty good day."   So we are definitely getting more and more cooperation from her!  Yay!  Baby steps:)  She is becoming more and more aware of sounds around her too.  She will sign "hear" when a new sound happens.  Not every time...but more and more.

Iley...she is just her goofy little self....chattering nonstop...sometimes it makes sense....sometimes not.  Today she told me "you stay here, I'll be right back"  clear as clear.  Then.....  I was looking at some pictures on the computer and she was sitting on my lap looking too and she asked me a question... and i just answered mmm hmm.  She turned my face (by the nose)  towards her and said  "no no no...not say mmm hmmm ....look at Iley and talk."  Yes maam! ha ha.  Of course I would get busy doing my own thing and forget....and she would quickly remind me again.......NOT mmm Hmmm ....Talk!  She understands almost all of what we say to her, and as you can see is talking more and more.  Sometimes it's a little dutchy and hard to understand...she tends to leave off the leese for please....noonles for noodles...she can say them right if we stop her and enunciate exaggeratedly.   Kyndahl just took the girls with her to pick up Thatcher from work......Iley told him..."we all pretty (indicating her, Wren and Kyndahl) you dirty!" 

They can both write their name now. And know most of their basic colors.  Iley can count to ten.

They are both sleeping all night......Wren mostly dry.....Iley almost never.  But we are thankful for pull ups....and it's a small issue.  They sleep from about 8:30pm to 7-7:30 am.  every once in a great while....they will make it to 8:00.  I know that sounds really late to some of you.....but to this NOT morning person..that's early:)

We are headed to Denver tomorrow to take Wren to a new audiologist.  We loved our old Audi, but Denver is closer....Troy does a lot of business there, and is much more willing to go with me that direction......we were thinking we would end up there eventually but had no idea where to go.....and then out of the blue.....we ran into a family from a town 30miles from us with a 5 year old girl with C.I.'s....that highly recommended this we are hoping that we love them too.  So far we have been impressed!  They have answered all of my emails quickly and have been very helpful. 

I think I've already posted this but if not....please pray for Iley........and the surgeon, Dr. Dearani.  She is scheduled for open heart surgery on Dec. 6th.  We thought it was going to be the 14th, but they called us right before Thanksgiving and said the surgeon wouldn't be there that week......ummm that's a bit of a problem!   The cardiologist we usually see won't be there for us on the 6th.....which is a bummer cause we really liked him, but the surgeon is the most important factor at the moment.  

That's all I can think of for now. 
Have a Blessed weekend!

Rejoice in the Lord always, Again I will say, rejoice!
Let your gentleness be known to all men.  The Lord is at hand.
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication,
WITH THANKSGIVING, let your requests be made known to God;
and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding,
will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:4

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  1. One of my favorite scriptures!

    Poor little Wren, the tears are the hardest part for me too!

    I pray that Iley does well with her surgery! My goodness, you have so much on your plate!