Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wren's Activation Day

We all woke up excited.....except for Wren and Iley.....who had no idea what was about to happen.  Wren had no idea this would be her last day of life as she knew it.  Her silent world was about to be bombarded with sound.  Would she  hate it, love it, or would it not phase her?  For a while she will have no idea what to do with it.  It will just be noise.  Noise with no meaning.  We will have to train her,  like an infant.  Point to things...over and over, and say the name of things, along with the sign for them.  With much more listening therapy as well.  It will most likely be a long slow process.

We headed out of the motel to a wet and windy world.   As soon as we stepped out from behind the plywood, (the motel was in the process of being remodeled).....the wind hit us whack.  The girls both turned around and headed back in:).

 Sharing Crayons while waiting for breakfast.

 My children seem to think it's their duty.....or get my picture on the blog.  This was Harrison's handy work.

 Harrison surprised them coming out of the restroom.

 Waiting to be called back to "the" room at the audiologists.  Is it just me....or would there be an easier way to go about this?

 Wren is hooked to the computer while they program her processors.  We were all doing stickers to help keep them occupied.  Along with a whole cupboard full of toys.

We were here a total of 3 hrs.  Wren did amazingly well sitting through all of it.  It was a bit chaotic with 8 people in the room!  Most of the chaos was generated by Iley and Harrison......we tried to send them out, but Iley wouldn't go.  Troy offered to take them out....but I was afraid Wren would want to go too.....and I wanted another pair of ears listening to all the details.  I'm sure we both missed a lot.....there were so MANY details.....sigh.

Wrens reaction when turned on was pretty anti climatic.  She just smiled a little and looked unsure and tense.  But there was no real "oh my word" moment.  Here is a video.

We got more of a response from her the next morning when we put it on her after being off all night.  She was watching cartoons at the time, and when I turned her on she looked startled and backed away from the TV, waving her hand no...she didn't like it.   She still doesn't love it.  She prefers her safe silent world.  She understands how things go there, and can order her thoughts as she likes them, not as the noise around her dictates.  We put them on her first thing this morning and she did the same thing...kind of backed away, and wanted them off.  She wore them until about 4:30.  She asked to take them off a couple of times before that, but didn't fuss when I said no.  When she asked the last time I said ok, since she had worn them a while, and she had her eye patched too!  I do think she is slightly more aware of her surroundings, and looks at my face a little more when I'm signing and talking to her.  We shall see:)  Keep praying please!


  1. Oh wow Judy! What a neat thing to post the video! I can't wait to see her on Monday! (And Iley too of course!) I am so excited for her, I hope her new journey with life with hearing goes as smooth as possible. We shall see! :)

  2. This was so, so neat to see.
    Wonder what all is going through her that mind of hers. :)
    Praying for continued receptiveness and success with the implant. Keep us posted! :)

  3. Judy, thank you for sharing this special moment! What a sweet treasure. I look forward to following as Wren learns more and more to deal with all that is new.