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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wren Surgery Update

Wren's surgery went well!  Thank you ALL for your prayers!!!  Your prayers for protection for Wren, for traveling mercies, for a successful surgery, for all the details!!!  THANK YOU!   We wondered ....... how she would do with not eating until 1:00pm.  But she was able to drink until 10:00am.  Huge Blessing.  We had an eye exam for both of them at 9:15 so that was another distraction.  Wren still has to patch one eye for 2-4 hours every day for another 2 months:(  We found out Iley is SERIOUSLY near sighted!!!  Her eye prescription is -9.0 on one side, and -8.5 on the other!!! Yikes!  How is she even functioning?  I think her glasses she has now are like -1.75, hardly anything!  

While we are in the eye doctor the hospital called and wondered if we could get there a little early, I guess they had an earlier opening.  So we are rushing around to get there in good time, every thing is looking good.  I check out, Troy is loading the girls....we head off making good time....cruising along...... AND THEN.......thlunk thlunk thlunk.......we have a tire blow out on the highway!!  We are about 6 minutes from the hospital and we are STUCK!  I mean really stuck.  The spare tire is a perfectly good spare tire, and it is with us has to be saw zawed out!  This is a known fact about this year of Suburban!  Just a bit of an issue!!!  So Troy calls a friend he knows in the area.....and I start praying!  I DID!  I just said, "God you know where we are and where we need to be.  If we are supposed to be to surgery on time, and it's your will that Wren have surgery today, PLEASE send someone to help us quick!  And Lord you know our budget is stretched and we can't afford a huge towing bill.  PLEASE help!  in Jesus name, AMEN"  We have 15min. to get to the hospital to NOT be late.  It wasn't 5 minutes later that Roadside assistance pulled up behind us!!  I'm not joking!   He loaded me and the girls up and transported us to the hospital.  On the way he's asking me questions about the girls, and what we are doing etc.  I was totally was crazy!  I did some serious "witnessing:)"  I also told him exactly what I prayed, and that I felt like God sent him to us!  I think I about made him cry:)  He was so sweet.  He helped me get the girls and the car seats in the hospital, and stayed till we were checked in past security......Then he hugged the girls....and I said I want to hug YOU too...and then he left.  Troy said he came back and parked behind him with his lights on till the wrecker truck got there.  Thank you Lord for  your protection!!!  So while we are gone, Troy is making arrangements with his friend "THANK YOU DAN F!!!!!"  Who leaves work and comes straight over to help!!  He has AAA......SO he used that to call the wrecker truck, and we didn't have to pay for that!  We did put 4 new tires on before we left town......but that needed done anyway.  So once again...Thank you LORD for taking care of us!!!  And Thank you Dan for being such a good friend!!!  And thank you mystery man (can you believe I didn't even ask his name!) You were our "Jesus with skin on" today! 

Now Dad.......aren't you glad you didn't know all that yesterday:)

So while Troy is taking care of the car....I'm at the hospital answering a million questions and keeping an  eye on these two.  I managed to snap a couple of pictures.

 The nurse was worried they'd tip over.....I made Iley get down......good thing she doesn't see these two at home!

 Traffic Jam!
 Poor little Honey!  I slept with her like this all night........correction.....I lay with her all night.....she slept fitfully.......I dosed off and on.  Then she woke up at 4am....for good.:(  Thank goodness for the Disney channel!!  She watched.....I dozed.   She had already slept 5 hrs during surgery, so the nurses warned me this was likely!  

Bathroom trips were interesting...pulling our IV pole, and carrying her, and trying to keep everything out of the toilet!...gown strings and corners, and loose cords...she was too woozy to even walk....whew!  She would sit and just lean on me....making it a little hard to wipe her.  Sorry if that's too much info:)  Just giving all the details!

This is the next morning....she still looks just a little woozy!
Iley kept loading the puke bucket with all the gifts!  I had to dump it a couple of times when Wren swallowed hard several times and we didn't know if things were coming up!!  She never did get sick:)  Yay!   These little monkeys came with Wrens implants.  They have cochlear implants that Velcro on:)  Cute.

Iley entertained herself during the 5 hours of surgery by playing in this little house........
 laying on the chairs........
 .....played......and played.....and played.....with "Wrens" balloon.......I decided another balloon would be a good investment.  This ended up being her balloon, and we got Wren another one like it.

 Backing up a little more.....this is waiting to see the eye doctor.

 NO IDEA what she's in for in just a few hours....or why we had no breakfast!!  Such a trusting little soul!  and you know.... she still doesn't know "why" we did this to her!  But she's not mad, and still loves us!  AMAZING!  If we only trusted God like that!  Even when we don't understand....and it seems like it doesn't make sense.......and it hurts.....just trust that it's for our good.

Backing up a little more......this is on the way to KC.

 This is at the hotel...night before surgery.
 Yes the phones are unplugged!  otherwise....who knows what room service would bring up, 911 might arrive......or an angry neighbor down the hall.......

She's been doing pretty well today too.  Definitely not totally herself, but not fussing much.


 While some drank milk with a straw........

 Others tried less healthy options........for those interested.....he says it worked?? 

 She was picking out all the marshmallows!
 Putting "the white door" to good use:) You see it's also the closest option to put some one in front of before they head out the door!  They don't have to go anywhere...just stop and stand still...see...painless!

Some randomness.......the one on the left.....silly putty.  I looked at it and thought it was a clementine!  When I walked closer.....silly putty!  strange color for putty! 
 Here is the putty again.....the reason I brought it up at all:)

This is all the "equipment" to enable Wren to hear!  Two little things on her ears come in these huge boxes!  we wer instructed to not even open them for fear of losing something before activation day!  Just bring them with you!  YES SIR!

 Glad to see brother Thatcher this morning.

 The unveiling.......she wanted her bandages off!  but when we took them off and she saw her ouchies...she wanted them back on!

 He looks like he's saying....."you're going to  play basket ball in those"

 She crawled up here herself and went right to sleep!  That's how you know she's not herself!  She is a very subdued little tigger!

 Of course Dad needed a hat.
 Others in the house....are NOT so subdued!  Iley was standing on her head on the chair!
 and OVER.........oops!  Don't worry, she landed on her feet.

 Look mom!  No Hands!

 She was on a roll!!  Her poor heart isn't going to know which direction it's supposed to be pumping!


  1. Yay! So glad for a smooth operation! How soon til you can tell if its successful (define successful ;) )??

    Praise God for answered prayers!

    1. Well REALLY successful for me......will be if she can hear and understand speech and is able to speak herself! But the doctors would say if she can learn to identify environmental sounds....that is as much as we can expect since as far as we know she has never heard language. They claim the "language" part of the brain closes down by age 3 with no stimulation. But I know MY GOD is big enough! and if it's HIS will that Wren hear she will. If it's not HIS will...she won't. No matter what we do. But he's opened a LOT of doors for this to I think He has a bigger plan than environmental sounds for this little girl!

  2. So glad everything went okay.... looks like she is a lil trooper, and a little tired too. Silly Iley...Wren will be back at it soon---I'm counting on that. :)

    Oh, and very thankful that God sent you a special person to come pick you guys up after the flat.... very awesome.

    1. We feel very blessed!! Just felt God's presence with us that day:)

      She's acting MUCH more like herself today(Monday).

  3. So glad everything went well! And your story about "Jesus with skin on" brought tears to my eyes. Isn't it amazing how much those little (big!) things that God does just bless us so much?! And then when we share the stories, others are blessed too!

    Thansk for sharing! :)

  4. So good to hear from you and have you safely back home. Ok, so I was a little teary eyed through most of your story, what blessedness, then got to the pics of Ashley and Ella and my tears turned to smiles. I am praying that Wren will be able to hear and understand enough to communicate with the people in her life. Love and prayers!

    1. Thanks for your prayers! This is what we pray too:)

  5. I have been praying, so glad to see this update!