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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sunday No Nap

We used to take Sunday afternoon naps.  Now we have Sunday No Naps!  Dad was hopeful I think, but it didn't look too restful to me.

 Launching pad? Dance floor?

 Oh look!  We even have a mega phone to help with the peacefulness of the nap! As if this child needed anything to further project her voice!!
 Monday morning headed in to school.  I think Wren pays too much attention to how her brothers carry their bags!  Ya think?

 At this point on the walk.....they grab hands.....every. single. day:)

 Had to come back out for a drink.
 And to check out the artwork across the hallway.

When they first get there every day, they practice writing their names.  Mrs. Betz(seated) writes it in highlighter, and then they trace it till the last page where they have to write it free hand.  They are improving.....but it's still pretty shaky looking!  Wrens sign language teacher Mrs. Kay, is standing.   The other teacher Mrs. Hargitt has her back to us.  She has been working there for as long as I can remember as well!   These ladies do an awesome job every day!!  They truly deserve medals!  They are MY heroes for sure:)  Thanks ladies!  I know your job isn't easy some days!

 After school snack time.  Salsa with sour cream mixed in and chips.  Sherman fixed it and sat down with it, and immediately had company!    There was No...."hey can I share that"...nope.....just scoot my chair as close as possible and dive in!  Wren tries everything......

 ......Iley opted out of the salsa and stuck to straight carbs........ unadulterated!

 Bedroom update.  If you started out like this.  Very cute....looks like a nice bedroom....BUT...that's a long drop to the floor for 2 girls that were used to sleeping in after they graduated from their floor bed in the den beside our room....up to this room....

we turned the bed.....and this.  Not beautiful...but it worked......until...they started waking each other up!!  NOT GOING TO WORK!!!  We need them to sleep!!!  Soooo.... looks like this.   This is walking straight in the door.  The beds are to the left....the only wall without a window or door!  This is NOT my wall paper of choice for a girls room....but it was there..and stuck tight.....and my decorating budget has been ENTIRELY swallowed by my medical budget.....soooo....sailboats it is.

 Corner "headboard" all painted and installed.  Nice safe floor beds that won't cause concussions if they fall out.....may not even wake them up......and Iley rocking in the wee hours of the morning, won't wake up Wren.  I'm thinking after Wren's surgery, this will be good too!  Iley can't whack her in the night.

 I'm thinking...... I hope they don't look at that and see "LAUNCHING PAD!"  Give Wren time.....I'm sure she will!  I will hear thumps and cackles....because they don't realize that nice little do hicky on the corner stand is a nursery moniter...and I hear all.........then I'll have to go be the party stopper!

Then if you head back out the see this.  What would you all suggest to put on the walls??  They are busy.......but bare.  Any suggestions?  Or just leave it alone?  They really don't care.  They're 5.  I did think about putting some family pictures, or some pictures from the trip to the beach up.  Big canvas ones.....but.....that costs $ ?


  1. I just love those little girls in their black and pink outfits holding hands going into school with their hello kitty back packs. DARLING!! Their new little beds looks so comfy and cute too. I'm sure they will love them.

  2. Judy,
    So happy to see that the girls have amazing teachers at your school, and that they are thriving there.
    Counting down with you to Friday!

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have (gasp) painted over wallpaper I didn't like when I wasn't all in for removing it. It took a few coats, but worked fine. Also, you can order big picture posters that are cheaper than canvases.

    You would be totally laughing if you knew how lame I am at decorating. Maybe the best advice would be to disregard my advice. But it really did work for us . . .


  4. I'm thinking 'Beach theme' !!! White frames (2nd hand shop and a can of white spray paint for the frames) And beachy themed decorations! Fun (-: