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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Prairie Pumpkins Pumpkin Patch

Sunday was a MUCH better day than the last two!  I was in bed with aches and stomach cramps all day on Friday, and just in bed wiped out on Saturday.  This was SO SAD on two levels....just the fact that being sick is NEVER fun......and ....Troy had agreed to keep the girls ALL DAY on Saturday while I went shopping with my dear friend Leann.   As much as I was sick....I was equally disappointed!  He still kept the girls all day Saturday....but I wasn't having fun:(

But Sunday dawned much brighter:)  We started off with a good HAIR WASH!!!  The stitches are still in....(supposed to come out Friday, but I was too sick to stand up) they will come out Monday at 4:00.  Praying the sterile strip tape is NOT stuck tight, and everything is painless! 

This was Wrens hair after I took the ponytail holder out...and after she had doused it with at least one cup of water!  It was TIME!
 I have been trying to convince them that drinking the bath water is YUCK.....she looks a bit....caught in the act and GUILTY!  They certainly are NOT convinced:(

After church we ate at Dairy Queen before heading to the pumpkin patch....where we bought no pumpkins.  The cheapest pumpkin was $6.00 X's 4 = $24.00 for pumpkins! + 30.00 to get all 6 of us in the place.  This was not going to be a cheap family outing at this rate!  So the mean Parents nixed the pumpkin purchase......and the pony additional 5.00 each.  That would have only been X's 3 though because I'm sure you couldn't have made Iley get on one of them.  She wouldn't even pet one!

Some people are such pokey eaters....they have to finish in the car. 
 ......Others have long polished theirs off and are happily picking their teeth.....and eyeing any leftovers with longing.....hey girl I think I see chicken in there....pass it over if you don't want it. They could have their own version of the song....."you get a line I'll get a pole..honey"......."You eat the bun, I'll take the burger sister"  "you eat the bun, I'll take the burger chum"  You eat the bun, I'll take the burger...we'll fool mom with a cleaned up platter......sister chum of mine"  This arrangement really would suit them both just ducky!  would have rickets....the other constipation.....(or is rickets caused from lack of fruit....)ok I'll stop there!  It's getting late:):)

This was the first critter we saw at the farm.  He was in a bit of a snit...he moved away quickly and gave us the evil eye!  I've seen this look plenty around my house!
 ......and a mama and a baby.

Wren carefully petted the kept twitching, so she wasn't too sure about it.  Iley was VERY sure!  NO WAY!
 While Iley and Daddy were standing back watching....quite close to these of them Hee Hawwed REALLY loud and looooong:) So funny!  I don't think they'd ever seen most of these animals.

 Then we got to pet some baby puppies:)  Iley was almost ready to screw up her nerve to touch it....but look whose creeping up behind her!!!!
 She quickly moved around behind Babba!
 Wren's bravery did NOT build her courage AT ALL!
 She finally did tentatively touch it.

 They LOVED the barrel train ride! Harrison and Sherman would have loved to ride too...but we weren't sure we'd be able to get them back out...something like pooh in rabbits hole?  Only nowhere to hang a towel...

Then it was the Hay Bale Maze....not thrilling....but the girls liked wandering through.

BUT....the biggest hit BY FAR....was the slide.

 These 3 were already at the top.....

 while cricket...GINGERLY.....made her way up.  She looked like a little ol granny hobbling up the hill!

Wren no sooner made it to the top....than she was jumping the first car going down!  This girl has NO FEAR!!!

 Iley stood at the top....very unsure of it all...she would never be labeled fearless....Troy said what should I do?  The lovely protective mom of 4 boys (I always said I wouldn't be a good girl mom)  said....send her down...we'll find out if she likes it!  Can you believe how heartless I am???  I WAS standing at the bottom to catch her.......and....she LOVED it!

 Harrison had just flopped down to go.....and Wren jumped on at the very last minute and barely got a hand hold on his pocket before they were off!  She looks like a child that just had surgery 9 days ago doesn't she!

 Here she is again.....toiling up the incline:)

 Sherm was half way down and she's still chugging away:)

 OOPS a bit of a crash at the bottom!  Dad's momentum was a little much when they hit the end! They all came up smiling:)
 This girl came down sitting forward, backward, feet first head first, and completely enclosed in a gunny sack!  She is OUT OF CONTROL!  She loved every minute of it!  She beat everyone else up and down that hill for the most trips!  OOPS....we kind of forgot that one of the release instructions was no strenuous activity for 14 days.......she really wasn't a bit strained...:)  Does that make us bad patients...or bad parents?  or both??
 They went down together like this....shrieking happily:)  My niece Fran once said about sledding with her brother Henry "he's no fun....I need Maddie.. When her mom ask "Why?"  She said "I just need some one to scream with:)  Well these two definitely had some one to scream with!  You would have been proud Fran:)

Go Dad!  Show em how its done!
I started out standing....but my shoes were MUCH slicker....and I was going MUCH faster!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

 no worries...they were screeching happily

 Back up the hill for more!  No granny gears now!  She got the hang of hill climbing fast.

 You know.....this makes me feel really sorry for their birth mothers!  Look what they are missing!

I put Wren in the sack....sitting up.  After she took off, she laid down and completely covered her head!  She's NUTS!  Can't't see a thing!

 She popped out at the last time to stop herself.

....Anything you can do........

....I can do better.....says the child with stitches!  Should I send it to the surgeon?? 

 They thought it was SO funny to chase mom!

 Being silly:)

Iley's version:)

 Sherman.....who was sweating by the second trip up the hill....found a shady place to rest:)

Look out below!

Quick Dad, move the girls!

Then it was time for the hayride, and home.

What a fun fun day!  To think I was flat in bed yesterday....and going down the slide today....Thank you Lord:) Oh...and did I mention that the preschoolers are coming back here for a field trip tomorrow?  I hope Wren doesn't frighten her teachers to death!  I'm sure they'll have rules like sit on your bottom, and feet first only......she'll probably dive down head first .....or disappear into her gunny sack.......  giving them visions of busted stitches!  Maybe I should warn them??

Ok.....the next picture is for you know that figurine you have that Mike got you?  I'm not sure what it's called...."the responsible woman???"  or something like that......when I looked at this picture of Wren, that's the first thing I thought of!  She is VERY like that!  and ALWAYS has a stroller nearly ready to tip with all the stuff she loads in it......not to mention all the stuff she packs on her little person!  She wants to run her world......and mine.   If all this drive, and determination can be directed in a useful channel....who knows where she'll go....if I don't wring her neck first! She tries my patience like no other!  Most days by bedtime.....she's gotten on my very last nerve......sigh.


  1. Funniest Update Ever!!!

    ...and Wren 'just' had surgery!!! crazy girl (with a perfectly matched crazy family!)

  2. Well, that answers my questions....I was going to call this morning to see how you were feeling and how Wren was doing and how Iley's glasses were working out but....this post answered all my questions!!(doesn't mean I won't call, too!)
    So good to see all doing well.... and then some! :) It looked like a fun time was had by all. Great lyrics to the "I'll get a line..." song...I was right away singing it in my head with the new words!! You made me cry with the comment about feeling sorry for their birth mothers....and maybe it wasn't their mothers choice...that made me even sadder....but God knew what they needed so He sent you! As always, thanks for the colorful update. Can't wait to see you! Soon, I hope!

  3. Your tough Mom approach is a great asset in raising kids with unique histories. Plus, it allows them opportunities for more fun! Look how Iley conquered her apprehensions of the slide when she wasn't coddled.

    I am constantly amazed at how similar Maxim and Wren are. He collects backpacks, which he carries around everywhere full of every little scrap of nothing that he finds. He also went through the doll stage, and still hasn't let us get rid of our stroller. Even at 8, he asks for me to push him around the block in it.

    Glad you are feeling better, and keep the long view in watching for improvements with Wren. In the mean time, hope you can reschedule your shopping date with your friend!


  4. OK, I am ready to start my day now, had my entertainment for the day. Wow, that was exciting! I am so glad that you are feeling that good, Judy, so sad to miss our shopping day but hopefully we can do it another time. I wondered all day yesterday what you were doing and how you were feeling, thought about you and Troy when Terry and I went for a bike ride (its just a Honda but it was fun). By the time I got to the end of your blog I felt like I had been at the Pumpkin Patch with you. Loved the story about the girls squealing...Fran that was good and so true, even at my age we still need our girls to share our squeals. My heart ached when you mentioned the girls Mommies missing out on their life, for whatever reason makes me so sad but so happy for you and the girls and the life and love they are having now. So cute to see Ashley at the game the other night with the girls. So sweet of him to give you a little much needed break. Have a great you all.

  5. I have cried more than once at what Sarena's parents must have went through when they left their 6(7) year old out in the cold hoping someone would find her.

  6. OH Judy I love the slide pictures!! I feel so bad that Wren was sick today and couldn't go. She would have loved that slide again I'm sure! And yes . . . we would have had some rules! lol!! What fun!!

  7. I love the SLIDE! I wish the place we visited had had one! It looks like so much fun!