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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Physical # 3

So I get an email from my audiologist this morning wondering if Wren's had a physical yet before surgery.  I'm like.......YOU'RE KIDDING ME RIGHT!  This child has had 2 physicals, 2 MRI's, a spinal tap, a brain metabolism test, has been seen by a neurologist, an infectious disease team, a pediatric optometrist, an ENT, numerous blood tests.....all to tell us she's perfectly healthy.....and now she needs to be seen by our family doctor????  The answer.....well yes......she has to have a physical within 30 days of being sedated.  End of discussion.  So I have to take my child for the 3rd physical in 5 months!   ....and guess what?  SHE'S perfectly healthy!!! In fact she's grown an inch and gained 4lbs since she's been home!!  I personally don't think it's quite this much since the first time she had summer clothing, and light sandals, and this time she had leggings and a heavier skirt and tennies on.  But she has grown!  And she IS healthy. No surprise there.

She looks as rebellious as I felt!

And once again....I pull her from school, hurry to get there on time, walk in and there is one other person in the waiting room.....and we wait for 30minutes???? why????  And they've conveniently removed all the toys from the waiting room so there is NOTHING for kids to do??  Except check out the pottie here, and try out the water fountain.........WHY???   Oh Bother as Pooh would say....or maybe Charlie Brown.."Good Grief"

 ....spinning and waiting......

 Looking at a magazine.....and waiting.......

 Checking out how this thing operates.........and waiting..........
Along with trying to pull out the rubber gloves, get down the blood pressure cuff, pull out the foot extension, crawl up and down off of the bed several times, and up and down off of mom several times, push the swivel seat across the room.....banging in to the door....I think it was shortly after this that they finally came in!

 This was a quick snap of Iley just before leaving for school.  Wren wouldn't cooperate, and I didn't want to send her off mad to school, so I didn't force the issue.  The blue guy stayed home.

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