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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On The Mend

Sunday evening.....Gangs all here......the girls were watching Curious George on Thatcher's phone..........and  fussing over who's lap it's on.   Don't ya love the red shoes!

 There, that's better.....except Iley keeps getting her head in the way!  She REALLY can't see!

 These two were on the other couch......I told her..."you know this is going on the blog don't you"  She laughed and said that's family Loves keeping up with my love life through your blog. I'm not sure if she's sticking her tongue out at me.....or you guys:).....maybe both?    Then I told her to look out the window at the BEAUTIFUL 'color that used to be' SUNSET!  It really was a beautiful sunset, but she wasn't keen on the color?????  Purple is not in her vocabulary in association with much damage at such a young age......tsk tsk tsk........Hee Hee.   LOVE YOU EL:)  and all you purplehaters.

 Then on the other side of  the room....we have this view:)  I had been sitting by Kyn on the red couch....but had to get up to take pictures.  Troy's feet are to the case anyone wondered where he was:)  Now you've had a virtual tour of our living room.....sort of.  You'll notice I kept the camera view above floor's not pretty at floor level.

 OOOHHHH ..... this going to be pretty by Friday!  Anyone have good ideas on how to wash it without getting the incisions wet?

 Did you miss him?.............MR. MESS.......He's BAAAAAAACK!  Well actually he never went away....he has just been "out messed" lately!  But this was so 'Sherman' that I felt I had to post......and it involves the orange silly putty.........the burning question...... is.....will it float?

 Yes!  Silly putty case any of you had always wondered:)

 Just playing this morning before school.  They had some whole story going on here. 

 They were so funny today at lunch.  There are certain foods that just get them in total harmony with each other!  Dumplings are one of them!  They scoot their chairs as close as possible, and share their dipping sauce.....and slurp:(........and Wren trades Iley her wrappers for the meat filling........until I catch them at it!  Iley would be a total carb junkie if I let her have her choice....and Wren would eat nothing but meat if it were allowed.  When they were done, their hands were really greasy and they were turned face to face linking their fingers and squishing their hands together.....chortling gleefully......till mom came in.....(man that woman is such a party pooper!)  Sorry I didn't get any pictures of it!  I was trying to get them hurried up and washed up to get to school.  But even though I groaned at the mess they were making.....I did rejoice in the friendship that was shared.
 Wren went to school today!  Crazy huh!  Surgery on Friday.....5 hours of sedation....head sliced open on both sides with foreign objects inserted into your ear....a hole drilled in both sides of your skull....and back to school on Tuesday!  This girl is AMAZING!  She is one tough cookie!  I debated whether to send her, but I knew if I took Iley, there was no way she was going to stay home.  The teacher said they had a  couple of rough spots of stubborness and uncooperation......but they got through.  She stayed in at recess and played on the slides and monkey bars allowed yet!  She was pretty cranky when she first got home, but then kind of got over it.

This is the kids getting home from school.  Sherman is almost always the first one in the door.

Then Harrison and the pixies.
 Wren is usually the second one in.  She spotted me and came running.....except for the still slightly swollen ears....(oh, and the matted scruffy hair!)......she doesn't look like she's just had surgery! 

 They were sitting here eating a snack of dry cereal and looking at some book?

 And yep.....that mean ol mom is back to patching!  I figure if she isn't too sore to wear the glasses....then the patch is going on too.  The sooner we are done with it the better!! and I don't want to lose any ground we've gained so far with it.

 We got our 4 hours of patching in and I remembered all 6 doses of medicine (antibiotics 3 times, and pain meds 3 times.) was a good day. Ugh.  Now I wonder why she's cranky?????  poor baby.


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned the antibiotic. I forgot to give Sadie (the dog) her's last night! Tonight thanks to you, she will get it!

    It's great seeing Wren doing so well! Did she get the screw implants for a BAHA? We are looking at a Sophono for Journey. Its not bone anchored, it has a magnet that is inserted surgically behind the ear.

    I will sleep better tonight knowing orange silly putty floats! ;-)! Love that "Mr. Mess" answered this puzzling question! How great to have a mind that goes beyond the normal to check things out!

    You are awesome! I still wished we lived would be great to visit.

  2. Yes she is one tough little girl!! She is just amazing!! And I have heard of dry shampoo, but I've never tried it. But really your almost to Friday so maybe it isn't even worth it? :)