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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ohio Trip

We headed to Ohio on Friday morning, to get Sherman to his cousin Felix's birthday party Saturday, and  attend Kyndahls Bridal shower on Sunday.  Saturday we flew around and got everyone bathed and then Sherman and I went to town to get a very last minute gift for the birthday boy, and drop him off at the party.  One thing I love about Sherman...he knows exactly what he's getting.  We were in and out of Wally World in 10 minutes.  Then I met Mom and Dad, Troy and the boys and girls, Mike and Gwen, Henry, Fran, Kyndahl and Thatcher, and Suzy for lunch at the Chinese restraunt in town.  We went to Gwens for supper Sat. eve. with Kip and Darcy, Teague and Mckell, and Ella. 

I told her to smile so I could post her picture for Ash to see.  She didn't think that was very nice....since he was the only one that wasn't able to come with us.  I think she was saying...that's not very nice:)  But I personally think he would rather see a picture of her than nothing!  What is your opinion Ash?  Picture or no picture?  I think I would want to see this cute face:)

The girls were sitting at Gwens Island looking so cute....until I took their picture!  Then they looked all wacky:(  But I'm in love with that blue bowl with yellow pears!

 Iley and Cousin McKell.  She belongs to Troy's brother Kip, and Darcy.  They also have Teague.  He'll show up later.
 Then Wren joined in for a group hug.

 Eating eggs at Grandma Knaus's.  Nice bedheads huh!
 Sherman and Teague.  They were posing "COOL" for me.  I just thought they looked cute.....
 mud splattered face and all:)
They had fun riding the gator too.  Sometimes it has even more people piled in than has a whole back end that can be occupied too!.......Grandma even keeps some old cushions around to make the ride more comfortable.  Grandmas are so nice  that way. 

 Sitting on the porch eating pez candy.....thanks Aunt Dixie:)
Now sitting on the go cart eating pez candy.

 I think Grandpa bought this little pedal tractor for Ashley!  Bet he never thought I'd have a girl riding it.

He went and bought matching trikes for the girls.....had to search several places and finally found the last two at tractor supply.
 They had fun riding them down the hill.
 A good scream always makes the ride more satisfying.

you can watch the action here.

 Grandma has swung many a chile on this swing......and just sat and watched them play.

Kyndahl wore My mom's wedding dress to her shower.  It was still in really good shape .  She added a belt to update it a little.  She is the only one of the family that is tiny enough to wear it.

 Kyndahl and my Mom.

 Kyndahl's mom Suzy had the tables decorated with pumpkins and cute for fall!

Such a nice turnout of family and friends!  Thanks every one for coming and blessing Thatcher and Kyndahl with your friendship and gifts for their new home.

 Poor Kyndahl.......she was literally covered in "help"  Cute help......but.......she was probably wishing them at Jericho!

 Some of the gifts were as big as the carriers....which made all of us a little concerned for the contents!

 After the shower on Sunday afternoon, we headed up north.....WAY up Tim and Dixie's (Tim is Troy's 3rd brother....there are 4 boys in his family)  The little blonde boy is Tim's.
 This sweet girl is a neighbor and good friend of Tim and Dixie.  She has been faithfully praying for "Dayu" since she first heard about her.  She also knows some sign language.  She was SO excited to finally be able to meet her.  Thank you Ellie for your faithful prayers!

Then Wednesday morning we headed to Kansas City for Wren's Cochlear Implant activation!  Exciting!!! 

We stopped at a rest area and Harrison was chasing Wren, and she tripped:(  Poor baby bonked her head good. 

 Our backseat crew.  Sherman had gone on with Kyndahl and Thatcher the day before.  Harrison was willing to be smooshed in the back with the girls so he could stay 1 extra day.

 A straw in the tub?.......all the better to drink the water with my dear.....I had JUST told her NOT to drink the water!  I stepped out.....and then popped back in.  CAUGHT RED HANDED....or at least red strawed!

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