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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little this...Little that

First things First.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my eldest!  He's 23 today!  What Lucky parents we are to be blessed with this boy!  Happy Birthday Ash! We Love you!!!
  This was a "don't take that picture" look!

 Poor guy didn't get much of a Birthday supper!  I called him earlier in the afternoon and asked him if he was going to be working late harvesting....he said I didn't think much more about it.  Then he called back at about 6:00 and wondered what we were doing tonight....ACK! this point...not much!  "I made you some scotcheroos"  does that count?:)  He said how about adding Goulash to that and I'll be over around 7:00.  DONE DEAL DUDE!!!!  Easiest meal in the world! Whew! 

We were missing Thatcher who was at his E.M.T. class.

 Then Ash got the camera and said it was pay back time??? For what???  He said I'd better see these on the blog!!!(or something to that effect)  Ok Birthday Boy.....just this once....but it may cost you a gift.....just sayin.  This is MY don't take that picture look.

 Kind of a mean mug from Harrison!  He was actually yapping at Helping Sherman with his homework.

 Ok I'll smile! you can stop!

Now we are backing up to Monday.....don't you just love how I skip all over the place....This was before school....they were ready to go on their field trip to "the pumpkin patch"  This was early morning, they usually go in the afternoon. (that is the sunrise behind them.....NOT fire.....well I guess is still fire!...anyway...) I was worried about Wren....she didn't eat much breakfast.....NOT NORMAL...and she said her stomach hurt.  Sherman had already went back to bed with a stomach ache......and I had been sick all weekend.......risky business to send her on to school!  I ended up picking her up before they even left for the field trip.   The nurse calls...."Wren has a temp 99.6"  Oh Drat!

 So Iley went on the field trip alone.  She came home quite pleased with herself!  She had a bag of candy, and was a good day:)

 After school she immediately went in and crawled in with make SURE she got sick.....good grief.  Then Kyndahl joined them....silly girl.  So far none of the rest have caught the bug.

 They were both up BRIGHT AND EARLY on Tuesday...this is their normal bed head look!  They were watching Harrison and Sherman get on the bus.

 Moving on to today...Wednesday Morning....I told Wren to smile for me......ok....or not.

 So I showed her the picture and said not smiling??  So she did a better one for me!  surprise surprise! Poor baby has a nasty fever blister from all her stress:(

This is a pretty accurate picture of what I'm up against....can you say "Double Trouble....Scout and your service!"  "Need something moved, taken apart, watered down, tied up, rearranged, colored on, things you haven't even thought of yet.... this is your crew!" 

Headed in to get Iley's hair trimmed up...way past time for it!  Notice Sherman is the first one in the door.....I asked him why he wanted to go to the hair dresser with us.....he looks at me like DUH.....TV!  We don't allow much TV around here.
 Iley Before.....

 During........she didn't like the hair getting on her feet!  I had already had to take her new slippers off because hair was getting on them....AAAAAAAH!

Then afterwards Kathy washed up her hair and styled it.  They both LOVE getting their hair washed this way!


Wren didn't get hers cut this time, I'm letting it grow out again....I think.

Sherman wanted his cut too...but I'm not going to pay someone to make his hair look this awful! He knows I do NOT like buzz hair cuts!  But..... Kyndahl and I had the FUNNIEST conversation with him.....I will forgive him the haircut ......this once .......for the laugh!
Kyndahl:  Are you going to let your hair grow out for my wedding?
Sherman:  Why?
Kyndahl:  Just because I like your curls on top.  Girls like hair.
Sherman:  Whatever.
Kyndahl:  (as I'm shaving his head) Well,  I guess you don't want a girlfriend.
Sherman: (with a look of disbelief)  It's like you haven't even heard me all these years.  (He's always said he's not having a girlfriend cause they spend all your money)  (...and "girls are SO annoying")
I LOVE this boy:)

What is this you ask?........we asked too.  He spent at least an hour and a LOT of Duck tape on this masterpiece.

Oh my!  I'm chuckling still, as I type!  His creativity amazes....and cracks me up.  You just never know what's next.  His comment....."I wish MY big brothers would have done this for me when I was little."  Note to big brothers......YOU FAILED!LOL!

 He even made a saddle!  With a strap! 

 Iley liked it:)  whether she had been longing for it all her life?????  that I don't know....

 The intricate head gear up close.

 This is the way the Ladies ride....the ladies ride......the ladies ride......


  1. Judy, this is hi.larious. I am dying laughing.... at the bed heads first... then at the "no hair on the feet" pic (my personal favorite) and again with the equestrian gear. What a hoot!

    Seriously, I gotta meet your girls.

  2. Hehehehaha four year old can't figure out how to jump rope, so she used the jump rope to tie herself to the railing in our basement....don't tell our SW!! LOL!!

  3. FUNNY, FUNNY, I LOVE this horse thing. . . .I mean, I'm feelin sort of left out myself!! Surely there was a cousin or SOMEONE in my past who failed miserably. . . . !! :) :) What a great brother you are Sherman!! I mean to crawl around on your hands & knees WITH DUCT TAPE in your mouth. .. .how does this TASTE, anyway??? Love the little "bed heads" :) :) Happy Birthday Ashley!! Way to go, getting your Mom on the blog!! :)

  4. We LOVE reading your blogs? Daph ask everyday when she gets home, "Are there new pictures"? We loved Sherman's get up. We think a horse would be great at the Old West Party! Praying for safe and stress free travels. Can't wait to see you all. Marcia

  5. Happy Birthday, Ash...can't believe our boys are 23, Judy. Love Ileys haircut. Way to go Ashley for getting a pic of your Mom, I love seeing you, too, my beautiful friend. Have a wonderful time in Ohio, will this be the girls first trip to Ohio to see Gpa and Gma? So glad they travel so well. Still looking forward to the 3rd. lotsa love...leann

  6. As always...I come here for a good laugh. Your boys...your girls...JUDY! Is there ever a dull moment? ;)
    Cute hair cut.
    Sherman is quite the engineer...funny guy, and so SWEET, too.
    Looking forward to the time when you can start introducing sound to Wren.

  7. You could try Abreva the next time she gets a cold sore. Saige gets them and it works really well! It is expensive, $16 for a little tube, but worth it to me. I hope you have a good week and I'm looking forward to seeing the girls when you get back and to Wren hearing some sound!! :)