Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Ok before we get started...check out where their heads come to on "the white door"  Here.  This was taken in late May or early June.  Before glasses.  They have GROWN!  Oh....and Gwen, this is another good reason to use "the white door!"  I can measure growth:)

Ready for school...posing with her artwork.
 ......and with a little more flare.  I have to snap fast....she will never pose long!

And compare Iley's growth.

Since sister posed with it......guess who else had to get hers too!

 .......and never content with just one pose.....some have to ham it up for the camera.

 Checking out her dress options for Kyndahls wedding....I asked her which one she liked best....of course she picked the sparkly one.  But it's really not her's Kyndahls:)

 Headed in to preshcool.

She informed me she was wearing a "lello" hat.


  1. The girls have grown and they are just beautiful!

  2. Loving the many faces of Iley. Bummed I didn't get to meet your girls with Zo. ~Marce

  3. Love keeping up with you and your posts even though I don't comment often. The "lellow" brings back memories of Jandon. "Lellow" was and still is his favorite color and that is how he said it! The girlies are growing!! (which is good). Jett was glad to see Sherman at the birthday party. Wish we could've seen you and the little darlings as well!